Chapter 2!

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¨I can't belive I just lost to a girl.¨ I said
I hoped on team speak and I see Mr.Mitch is on. 
¨Hey Mitch¨ I say 
¨Hey my little sister just kicked your but.¨ He said
¨Shut up. Hey where is she any ways?¨ I asked
¨Oh she in her room studying for her midterams. Which I should be doing.¨ Mitch said
'Well tell I say congz.¨ I say

If x = 2b then what will y be equal to

Mitch walks in.
¨Hey sis!¨ He saids
¨Hey I'm studying¨ I siad
¨I know Bayani wanted me to tell you he said congz¨ He said
¨Oh¨ I said
¨And also can you help me study.¨ He asked
¨I knew it. Mom I win the bet Mitch wants my help again.¨ I scream
¨The bet. You guys betted again.¨ He said
¨Yeah! Now come here!¨ I said

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