Chapter 9!!!!

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Jordan's POV

We had gotten to Sydney's house. We went inside and I fixed Sydney's problem. When I was done I saw Sydney talking to Cathy

"Hey there I'm Sydney." Sydney said

"Hi I'm Cathy" Cathy said

"So how do you like Seattle so far?" Sydney asked.

"It's nice." Cathy said

"Okay" Sydney said

"Okay I fixed your problem and now you can play minecraft" I said

"Thank you Jordan" Sydney said and hugged me.

Cathy and I left Sydney's house and headed to the peer. When we got there I bought some tickets to play some games. Cathy and I were just walking around.

"So Sydney seems nice." Cathy said

"Yeah she is. " I said

"I mean you two seem pretty close." She said

"Yeah. We are." I said

"It seems like she likes you." She said

"Um I don't know" I said

"Okay" She said

Then we just kept on play games and having fun. When Cathy said that it got me thinking.

Maybe I do like Sydney.

When we ran out of tickets we went back to the car and headed to go get dinner. We got some dinner and headed home.

Cathy POV

I spent the day with Jordan. It was fun and that friend of his Sydney seems nice, but I think I may like Jordan. He probably likes Sydney anyways. I mean I don't blame him too she pretty, cool, smart, fun, and enjoys video games. I don't want to ruin the friendship Jordan and I have. So, I'm not going to say anything.

~Next Day~

I woke up the next day. I went into the kitchen to get some breakfast when I saw a note on the fridge.


I have gone out for the day there's some pasta in the fridge. I'll be home late. I'll see when I get back.


P.s The Fudge is mine DON'T TOUCH!!!

I laugh I put the note down and grabbed a bowl of pasta and went into my room. I looked at it and saw so many boxes and suit case in my room. I decided to start unpacking. I looked at the clock it said 11:00 A.M. I started to unpack. I was almost done. I had one more box to open. I opened it and saw what was in it. It was the old photos of Mitch and I as children. Then I saw at the bottom of the box was Mitch's old baby blanket and underneath that was a note.


I know you would miss me and home so I decided to put some memories in this box. Now i know you are probably wondering why your baby blanket well I though something that will remind you of my warm hugs. Just remember I'm a click away.

Your other haft


I put the note on my bed and hugged the blanket and started to cry. Once I was done I got up push my new desk to the window and set up my mic and computers and monitors. Then I pulled out my tripod and my canon camera and set it up in front of my bed. Then pressed record.


Hey guys, it's been a while. So as you can see I'm in a new place. I moved to Seattle for college. So today I'm making this video about things. I have been up to a lot of stuff lately but I just wanted to say I'm back and gaming videos will be back on my channel and my second channel will be back as well. On my second channel I will be vloging a couple times a week. So I hope you enjoyed this video and have a wounder full week. BYEEEEEE.

I ended the video. Edit it and moved to my laptop and turned on my hotspot and exported and upload it from my phone internet.

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