Chapter 8!!!!!!

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Cathy POV
Jordan and I were at this cafe down the street from Jordan's old place for breakfast. When we were done eating we walked back to the car and went to Ikea to buy some furniture. We got to Ikea.
¨Hey Jordan do you want to split up and get the things we need?¨ I asked
¨No...¨ He said
¨Okay are we going to get your stuff first or mine??¨ I asked
¨We should start with mine since I only need like a few things.¨ He said
¨Okay¨ I said
We walked around Ikea and got the things we need. Once we bought all the things we need we went back to the apartment and the people from Ikea brought the stuff we need to the apartment. When we got back the mover already brought all of Jordan's stuff to the apartment. We started to unpack everything. Once I was finish unpacking the boxes I un boxed the Ikea stuff. I laid out the peace to build my bed. Jordan was done unpacking his stuff. He came into my room and he helped me build my bed. We put my bed together and then I put the mattress on it and made it. 
¨Hey what you want for dinner?¨ He asked
¨Pizza¨ I said
¨Okay What kind¨ He asked
¨Canadian Bacon¨ I said
¨Okay¨ He said. 
He called a pizza place and order the pizza. Over an hour later the pizza finally arrived. We ate dinner and talked. It was about 3am when my phone started going off. I looked at it and it was Mitch facetiming me. I answered it.
¨Hey Mitch¨ I said
¨Hey Cathy¨ Mitch said
¨Hey Mitch¨ Jordan said
¨Hey Jordan¨ Mitch said
¨What's up¨ I asked
¨Nothing. Just wanted to check up on you.¨ Mitch said
¨Don't worry Mitch she is perfectly fine.¨ Jordan said
¨Listen Mitch it getting late I think we should go to bed.¨ I said
¨Okay. Night guys.¨ Mitch said
¨Night Mitch¨ We both said and I ended the call.
I said good night to Jordan and went to bed.
~Next Day~
I woke up the next morning and went into the kitchen. I saw that Jordan was cooking breakfast.
¨Morning Jordan¨ I said
¨Morning Cathy, I woke up early and went to the store and bought some grocers.¨ He said
¨Okay¨ I said
I went into the bathroom brush my teeth and got ready for today. When I was done Jordan had breakfast ready for me.
¨Thank you.¨ I said
¨Welcome¨ He said
Jordan got a text message.
Jordan POV
I got a text message. It was from Sydney (Kricken) 
S- Jordan!!!

J- What???
S- I need you help
J- Okay with what??
S- My computer is not letting me open my minecraft files
J- Okay I'll be over at noon.
S- No Now I need to record a video for tonight
J- I can't I'm showing a friend around Seattle.
S- But......
J- I'll be there at noon
S- Why don't you being your friend here and fix it then show her around.
J- Fine.
~End Of Text~
 ¨Okay, We have to make a quick stop first before I show you around.¨ I say
¨Okay¨ She said 
We get into the car and head to Sydney's house.

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