18. You

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"Calum I don't have time for this!" I shout, shoving past the older boy. Calum grabs my arm and pulls me back, trying to catch my eyes.

"You said you'd hang out with us today!" He whines, pouting his lower lip. My heart breaks a little, and I take a few steps back so I can see him. Calum is now refusing to look at me, what a brat. I put my hands on either side of the taller boys face to make him meet my gaze. His eyes soften.

"Look Cal, I'm pretty damn sure I'm falling in love. I don't want to waste any more time, I can't, I need to be able to call her mine okay?" I say, my heart flitting around in my chest. Still not used to admitting that I'm falling for Camila. Calum smiles his genuine, understanding smile. He surprises me by turning around and starting to throw clothes in my bag.

"What's with helping me all of the sudden?" I ask, looking at the taller boy as he shoves my snapback in the front pocket. Calum stills for a second, looking up at me.

"I saw it in your eyes y/n, I saw it. I know that's what they say in cheesy ass romance novels, but I swear it was there. I saw the love in your eyes. I know for sure that you're falling for her, I know it. I know for a fact she falling too. I can't wait for the day a few years from now, when you two are moving into your first house, when you're married. The day I get to become Uncle Calum." He finishes his little speech and hands me my backpack. My heart swells in my chest.

"Jesus Christ Calum, I love you." I murmur, yanking him closer for a hug. Calum holds me tight for a second, then gently pushes me away.

"Now go!" He says loudly, lightly shoving me towards the bus door. I chuckle, letting him usher me out of the bus. What did I do to deserve a best friend like him. I hop out of the bus, my converse slamming on the concrete. Jogging towards the car, I wave to the older boy. I toss my stuff in the back, and climb into the front seat next to the driver.

"You ready?" The man asks politely, nodding towards my bag in the backseat. I nod vigorously, more than ready to go and see Camila. He chuckles, turning the keys in the ignition. The car ride should only be about an hour, but that seems like such a long time considering whose waiting for me at the other end. Well, she doesn't know she's waiting for me.

I slide out my phone and put in my headphones. Putting my playlist on shuffle, I stare out the window. Watching the buildings go by, until they blur into one big mass of color. I log onto tumblr, wow, Mila's been all over it lately. She's reblogged a lot of, missing you type stuff. Just wait baby, won't be long.

I can't help myself, I switch into my blog that no one knows I own, and search for pictures of Camila. Lots of things come up, lots of Lauren as well. What the hell is this camren shit, the girls make fun of it every time it's mentioned. Camila is so beautiful, scrolling through my now Camila filled feed I realize pictures don't do her justice. I feel bad for anyone who hasn't been graced by her features in person.

When I feel like a stalker, I finally stop. I look over at my driver, who I now realize had been staring at me. Eyes on the road buddy.

"Aren't you, related to that kid from that one band?" He asks, looking straight into my electric blue eyes. I giggle, tugging out one earbud.

"Yeah, I'm Luke's sister." I answer, realizing he wasn't actually gonna hit on me and was just curious.

"Oh yeah, Y/n! My son loves your brother's band. He likes you quite a bit as well, even though he's really got the hots for Ashton." The man says in his gravelly voice. It makes me smile for two reasons, one, he's obviously accepting and encouraging of his son, and two, his son has a crush on Ashton.

"Does he now?" I giggle, giving my full attention the the man beside me. He looks to be in about his mid-fifties. 

"Yeah, talks about him all the time. How he should sing more, how attractive his hair is. How sweet of a guy he is." My driver happily talks about his son, it's making my heart feel warm and fuzzy. Why can't everyone be like this.

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