9. Calum

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I smile to myself, y/n thinks she got out of here without me noticing. Idiot. I turn back to the fried chicken on the plate in front of me. The others were talking carelessly, as if a member of each of our groups weren't missing. Chuckling, I turn back to my conversation with Lauren.

"So, what are the lovely ladies of Fifth Harmony up to these days?" I ask calmly, eyeing her hand on the table. She blushes, aw what a sweetheart.

"Well, not much. We're on a tour, like you guys." Lauren answers, taking another bite of the corn on her plate. Her eyes are mesmerizing, wow. I put my hand on the table, looking at her cautiously while sliding it closer.

"Sounds fun, maybe we could go to one of your shows sometime? You know, return the favor?" I ask, continuing with moving my hand until it lightly brushes hers.

"I'd like that." Lauren answers, pressing her hand into mine lightly. I lay my fingers over hers, making her look away bashfully. She throws a glance at the closed door on the side of the room.

"So I'm not the only one who noticed the y/s/n disappearance." I chuckle, the green eyed girl nods.

"What kind of best friend would I be if I hadn't." She grins, completely lacing our fingers she pulls me up and towards the door.

"Lets check up on them." Lauren whispers, motioning towards the door with her free hand. I nod, pulling her closer to me.

"I swear to god if we walk in on them having sex I'm blaming it on you." That earns me a laugh, we both look back at the group to see if our absence had been noticed yet. Nope.

I put my free hand over Lauren's eyes jokingly and push the door open with my shoulder. The sight before me doesn't surprise me too much.

A guitar, pushed onto the ground right next to the couch, and Camila, almost on top of a swollen-lipped y/n. I let my hand fall off of Lauren's face and gently kick the door closed behind me.

"I'm blaming it on you." Lauren laughs.

"They weren't even having sex though!" I whine, squeezing Lauren's hand.

Camila quickly climbs up and off of y/n, turning nearly as red as flannel y/n was wearing. Y/n stands up and puts her hand on her neck, I don't think I could've embarrassed them more if I tried.

"Looks like they were about to." Lauren says loudly, making the girls in front of us blush even harder. I can't help but laugh. I take a second to catch my breathe, and then let go of Lauren's hand.

"Hey guys." Y/n says shakily, avoiding my eyes. Camila does the same, letting her eyes wander around the room.

"So is it official yet?" Lauren asks, nodding towards the two of them. They both tense up, and I see Camila move to y/n slowly. I smirk, whipped.

"Um, we've known each other for a day?" Y/n says, I watch as she reaches her outermost fingers to brush Camila's hand. Their faces were slowly returning to normal color.

"We just caught you post makeout?" The girl next to me states plainly. I snort, covering my mouth with my free hand. The girls in front of us gulp.

"We weren't making out." Y/n says quietly, gently lacing her fingers with Camila's.

"Never stopped you before Lauren." Camila spits back, I can't help it, I burst out laughing. Lauren glares at me sideways, and I catch y/n biting her lip to hold back a laugh.

Camila stands up proud at having defended herself and the girl next to her. I'm nearly on the ground at this point. Lauren kicks my knee.

"Well I guess we'll leave you guys too it." I choke out, tears coming to my eyes. The two girl before us nod vigorously. They probably just want us out as quickly as possible. I know I would. I let Lauren drag me out of the room. Pissed off at Camila's comment, but probably even more upset that I had laughed as much as I did. Kicking the door shut behind us we make out way down the short hallway and back to the others.

As soon as we walk in all eyes turn to us.

"So, are they official yet?"


Hey guys, I'm sorry for not updating in a while, and that this is so short. I promise, I promise promise promise there will be another update today or tomorrow morning at the latest. I love you lots and thanks for even reading this, means a lot. xx

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