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I chuckle into the stolen mic, and look out into the crowd of people. 

"I'd like that." I answer, my voice slightly raspy from shouting the songs back to the girls. I see a girl fan her face, as did a few others. The audience squealed even louder, I feel at home on stage, even if it isn't my stage.

"We're going to cover a song, by a band you guys probably know. Y/n's older brother is actually in that band. If you haven't figured it out yet, that band is Five Seconds of Summer." Normani giggles, a smile spreads across my features as I hear the boys cheering the loudest. I feel a tap on my shoulder, and turn to see a backstage assistant holding an acoustic guitar.

"Thanks." I grin, taking the guitar by the neck, relishing the feeling of its gloss beneath my fingers. A little beaten up, but that's the best kind. In order to hold the guitar properly, I have to give Mila her mic back. And I do, slowly.

"Finally," She mumbles. I chuckle, "You never said please, therefore I wasn't going to give it back love." Camila blushes red, and then I realize that I was still close enough so that the mic could pick my voice up. Everyone in the audience screams. I swallow, and feel my face heat up.

"This s-song is called Out of my Limit." Camila stutters, still under the affect of my nickname. I immediately start strumming the instrument in my hands, the old chords never having left me. I manipulate the strings to make the sweet sounds of the song, and wait for the girls to sing.

"Back in high school,

we used to take it slow.

Red lipstick on and high heel stilettos.

Had a job downtown working the servo,

had me waiting in line couldn't even let go."

Camila started first, I hate to admit it, but this was near better than the original, and she'd only sung the first few lyrics. I smile, taking my lower lip between my teeth.

"Cause I never wanna be that guy,

that doesn't even get a taste.

No more having to chase to win that prize."

My habits kick in, and the next few lyrics spill from my lips before I can do anything to stop them.

"You're just a little bit out of my limit!"

Camila giggles, and holds the mic up to my mouth, so my voice would be amplified. The other girls stop singing and listen to me.

"It's been too years now,

haven't even seen the best of me!

And in my mind now,

I've been over this a thousand times!

But it's almost over,

let's start, over!"

Dinah raises her arms and starts to bow down, I can barely keep my hold on the guitar as I burst out laughing. The rest of the song is a mixture of my singing, the girls, and harmonies between the six of us. I play a few extra chords on the guitar as a kind of grand ending to the song. I catch Camila smiling at me lovingly out the corner of my eye. What an angel.

"Yes y/n!" I hear Calum shout from the crowd, I throw a glance down to see the four boys jumping and shouting. Even Michael, see, we do love each other.

"Hey angel," I turn to Camila, "We all good here?" The younger girl blushes, again. I chuckle, loving the effect I have on her. She nods, and I stand up to hug the girls. After a light girl from each girl, and near choke hold from Dinah I turn to Camila. 

I avoid the mic in her hand and wrap my arms around the smaller girl, "See you later love?" I ask. She nods, leaving a kiss on my jaw. I jog to the edge of the stage and hand off the guitar, then I run to the front and jump off the edge into the audience again.

The rest of the concert was a whole lot of the boys attempting to dance, the girl's beautiful voices, and Camila's hips. I don't think I would've survived another run through of Worth It.

"Thank you we love you guys, we are Fifth Harmony! Goodnight!" The girls run off stage, and I feel my heart jump. I grab the boys and sprint towards a door I know will take us backstage. Grabbing the handle and throwing it open, I search for the brunette. I've barely had time to look around when I feel a pair of arms wrap around my neck, and legs wrap around my waist. 

"Hi baby." I mumble into her ear, already knowing it was Camila. 

"Hey." She giggles, clinging to my frame even tighter. I shake my head and start to walk forward, carrying Camila like a child. I walk over to the girls, who are laughing at the two of us. I tell each of the girls in turn how amazing they are, and turn away when I see Calum and Lauren start to talk. (A/N LALUM FOREVER)

"You were absolutely incredible." I say quietly, taking notice of how my aussie accent was near gone. Too much traveling.

"Thank you." Camila blushes, finally climbing down. I kiss her cheek, leaning back to see her reaction, then give the other the same treatment. Then I plant kisses all over her face, she looks adorable oh my god. My mindset suddenly changes, and I'm hit full force with all of the hip rolls, and lip bites I was tortured with while in the audience. My hand shoots to Camila's hip, and I back her into the wall gently.

"but you know, as adorable as you are right now, I can't help but be reminded of all the teasing I had to endure while you were performing." I kiss my way from her neck to her jawline, tracing light circles on her exposing hip with my thumb. Camila breathes out shakily, closing her eyes.

"Oh?" She questions, her voice cracking slightly. I chuckle lowly, thankful for the rasp in my voice.

"Yeah," I murmur, "I kind of think you were doing it on purpose." Camila shudders, and I catch her bite her lip. 

"Maybe I was." She shoots back, looking me in the eye. My eyes widen, if there's anything I find attractive, it's confidence, and Camila's full of it right now.

"I guess we'll have to do something about that huh?" I trail off, taking her bottom lip between my teeth and drawing it out. I let it go, watching her eyes narrow.

"Hey! Quit making out! Come over here!" A rough voice shouts from behind us, I groan and drop my hand from Camila's hip. 

Camila pulls me down by my neck, "We'll continue this later." She murmurs, and takes my hand in hers innocently. Jesus Christ she wants me dead. The brunette then tugs me over to the group. This is going to be a long night.



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