16. Camila

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After lots of talking with the girls and boys, and a few more not so innocent kisses with y/n, it was time to head back to the bus. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. I have no idea when the next time I'll get to see y/n will be. I turn back to the taller girl, gazing into her eyes.

"M'gonna miss you." I mumble, dropping my eyes to her converse clad feet. Y/n runs a comforting thumb over the back of my hand.

"I'm gonna miss you too love, a lot." She murmurs back, pulling me in for a hug. I waste no time in throwing my arms around her neck and pulling her tighter. I'm completely surrounded with everything y/n, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

"You'll text me? and call me? Facetime?" I ask eagerly, reluctantly pulling back to look at her face. "Of course babygirl." She chuckles. I feel my face go up in flames, that's a new nickname. I earn another laugh, and hide my face in her neck bashfully.

"You're so adorable oh my god." She whispers, rubbing my back slowly. I feel my heart swell, she makes me feel...a certain way. Can't put my finger on it, but I get the feeling that right now I don't have to.

"I swear if you two get any cuter I'm gonna throw up." Ashton grumbles, crossing his arms over his chest. I feel my cheeks heat up again, and more so feel y/n's laugh than hear it. I feel a gentle finger on my jaw, and let y/n push my face back up. I take the lead and get on my toes to kiss her goodbye. This one felt a little different, more loving, instead of overtaken by a sense of lust. I decide I like this one the best. After a few more seconds, and pull back to leave one last peck on the older girls lips.

"I'll see you soon okay?" Y/n says softly, only loud enough for me to hear. I nod, unable to pull my gaze from her eyes.

"Promise?" I ask, a soft smile graces her lips.

"Pinky promise." Y/n whispers, hooking her pinky around mine to make it official. I hear Ashton pretending to gag by the rest of the group.

Y/n chuckles, then brings our hands to her lips, and leaves a light kiss on our interlaced pinkies. I blush way too much around this girl.

She tugs me in for one last hug, and I finally feel the realization of her leaving set in my chest. My heart drops, and I hold her even tighter. After what was probably half a minute or so, I pull back. Without saying anything else to the other, we both walk back to our individual groups. I hear the boys start to congratulate y/n on her performance with us, I barely listen to the girls around me. They're still buzzing with excitement over the show we just finished.

I feel Dinah tap my shoulder, I turn to look at the Polynesian.

"Hey Walz, it's okay, you'll see your girlfriend again soon." She tries to assure me. I nod slowly, unable to tear my eyes from the floor.

"She's not my girlfriend." I mumble, not feeling any better about the situation.

"WHAT!" The younger girl shouts, catching everyone's attention. My head snaps up and I throw a hand over her mouth.

"It's just not official yet, Dinah." I whisper through gritted teeth. Dinah raises her eyebrows, then licks my hand.

"You guys are practically in love!" She whispers as I yank my hand back. I hum in response.

"Ladies, gentlemen! Time to head back to your own buses!" Big Rob shouts, seeming to have materialized out of thin air. My heart sinks even further.

The girls say goodbye to the boys, and vice versa. I leave one last kiss on y/n's lips, and then we leave. Simple as that.

The walk back to our tour bus was full of teasing me about y/n, and talk about our show.

I trudge back up to my bunk, and yank a pair of pajamas from the corner. Walking back into the lounge I see a sweatshirt, y/n's sweatshirt. I don't even feel bad, in fact, I smile. I tug off my performance outfit and toss it to the side, then I shrug on the clothing. I don't recognize the emblem, probably some band she loves. I grab my pair of leggings and pull them on, then finish my ensemble with some fuzzy socks.

I head back to my bunk, and hear the girls talking in the kitchen. Before I can walk in, I hear my name fly across the conversation.

"But look at how happy she makes Camila!" I think that was Lauren.

"Yeah! Listen to green eyes! Have you ever seen Mila this happy before?" Definitely Dinah. I press my ear against the door.

"I don't know, I don't trust her, she just seems too perfect." A voice mumbles, oh, a voice of reason.
Probably Ally. "She hasn't given a single reason for us not to trust her, she's beautiful, she's never gotten in trouble with the press, she wants to finish her education, and she treats Camila like a princess!" She sounds exasperated. It's in her nature really to try and find a flaw in y/n, she's like the mother of the band.

"Geeze Ally, you make me want to steal her." Someone mumbles, I can't quite decipher who it is through the door but it doesn't stop the jealousy flaming in my chest.

"Oh shut up Mani, She's Camilas." That's my Dinah Jane.

"Although, Camz isn't the only one crushing on a member of that group. Lauren? What's with you and Mr. Hood?" Ally giggles, I bite back a smile and decide against walking in. I want to see if Lauren will throw the discussion back my way.

"Well, he's y/n's best friend, he's super sweet, he's really smart, he's super cute, and um...he hardcore ships Camila and Mini Hemmings." Sure enough, Lauren throws the discussion back into my lane in her signature raspy voice.

"Speaking of y/n's friends, what about that Michael guy? He seems like trouble." I slip closer the crack in between the door and the frame, so I can hear which voice belongs to who.

"Oh," Mani chuckles, "You don't have to worry about him, did you see the way y/n almost fought him when he looked at Mila like he wanted to pounce on her? During the show?"

My heart skips a couple beats. I'm stuck in between absolute adoration of y/n, and also some guilt for coming between her and a friend. I gently push the door open, trying to act as if i hadn't been listening for the last couple minutes. The girl's all turn to me, and try to act as if they hadn't been talking about me for the last couple minutes.

"Hey guys, why are you so quiet?" I ask innocently, climbing onto the couch next to Dinah. Lauren gives me a knowing look.

"Does that sweatshirt belong to Mini Hemmings?" She asks accusingly, smirking almost. I bite my lip.

"Uh, maybe." I murmur, settling down underneath a blanket. The girls all smile at each other. I blush gently. My phone buzzes in my waistband. I reach down to grab it and open it up. A text from y/n.

"I miss you, like a lot already, we'll see each other again soon. Promise." My heart flutters, so much as a text from this girl and my hearts beating at incredible speeds.

"A message from your lover?" Lauren teases, already knowing because of my reaction to the text. I sink down in the seat, trying to hide as much of my face as possible. I type out a new message, and hit send.

"I miss you even more, and you know we will. We promised each other, xx."


Merry Christmas loves, any ideas or suggestions you have for this story would be lovely. I have a vague idea of how I want it to go, but that could change. Love you xx

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