10. You

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I felt my muscles relax as Lauren drags Calum out of the room. I release a breathe I didn' t know I'd been holding, and wipe my hands on my jeans. I fall back on the couch behind me. At least it had been Calum that walked in, if  it had been my brother he might've immediately dragged Camila away for the protective older sibling speech. Wait, Camila and just kissed, holy fuck.

I turned my head to look at the younger girl beside me, she was still standing up facing the door. Wow, those jeans look great on her. Especially the backside...wait, y/n focus. (A/N: I'm listening to invisible right now and I'm about to cry cALUM MY CHILD.)

I stretch out my leg to lightly kick the brunette's. She turns around, her lower lip slightly swollen, holy mother of god I did that. 

Her straight face slipped into a small smirk, and she sat back down. Her hand started tracing small shapes on my thigh. 

"That was..." I mumble, staring down at Camila's fingers.

"Great." She finishes, biting her lower lip slowly. The sharp contrast of white and against pink sending shivers down my spine. Camila's sudden change in mood surprises me, but I had absolutely nothing against it. I lean closer to her face without warning, and capture her bottom lip between my teeth, drawing it out slowly, then letting it go.

I pull back with my eyes closed, and when I open them Camila's were wide. The small gentle patterns on my leg stopped in pure surprise. I lean down over the ground, chuckling slightly and pick up my guitar.

"You fucking tease, you kiss me, then bite my lip, then just go and grab your guitar without saying a word." The girl groans. I laugh again, running my fingers over the wooden neck of the instrument. 

"Technically, you were the one who kissed me first." I point out, tapping her nose with my finger. Camila rolls her eyes, falling back on the couch in exasperation. I giggle, she's so adorable.

"and, you were biting your lip so I took it as an invitation to do it myself." I finish, bending my fingers over the strings of the guitar. The younger girl doesn't look at me from her position on the couch. I start strumming the guitar, playing the intro to another song. I start to hum the lyrics. Camila looks up at me, thought etched across her face. Suddenly, I hear an angelic voice start to sing the words in my head.

"When I wake up, I'm afraid, that somebody else might take my place.

When I wake up, I'm afraid, that somebody else might take my place.

Paid that money, fake that dummy, ache my tummy.

On the fence, all the time.

Paid junk honey, face so sunny, ain't that funny.

All my friends always lie to me.

I know they're thinking"

"You know the neighbourhood?" I question, and I play the guitar intro the chorus again. The younger girl nods.

"I have a small secret obsession with them." Camila mumbles, scooting closer to me. I look at her gently. She looks so fragile.

"Well you and I are going to get along real well." I mumble softly into her ear. I shift so that my side and shoulder are open. Camila gets the message. She moves closer and lays her arm over my stomach, while snuggling her head into the crook of my neck.

"You're too mean, I don't like you, fuck you anyway." 

I sing softly, playing the lightest strings on the instrument. I feel the girl's breathing even out.

"You make me want to scream, at the top of my lungs.

It hurts but, I won't fight you.

You suck anyway.

You make me want to die, right when I"

I nearly laugh at how this song's message is the exact opposite of what I feel for the girl beside me.

"When I wake up I'm afraid, that somebody else might take my place.

When I wake up, I'm afraid, that somebody else might take my place.

When I wake up, I'm afraid, that somebody else might take my place.

When I wake up, I'm afraid, that somebody else might end up being me."

I yawn, feeling my eyes start to flutter closed. I throw a glance down at Camila, well, she's asleep. That was quick. I slip my phone from my pocket, trying to move as little as possible so I won't wake up the girl next to me. Wow, almost midnight already.

I push the guitar off my lap. What should I do about Camila, both bands have to get on the road soon. I wrap my fingers around her hand softly, tugging her arm off of me. I stand up, holding her head in one hand. In one smooth movement, I turn the younger girl onto her back. I put my free arm under Camila's legs for support, and lift her up. Subconsciously she throws her arm across my chest to hold on to my shoulder and nuzzles her head into my neck. I carry her as quietly as I can, and lightly kick open the wooden door. 

The hallway going back to catering was eerily quiet. Once I was back inside the room, everyone shot me a knowing look. I turn red immediately. I nod towards the girl in my arms.

"What should I do with this one.?" I ask, looking anywhere but someones face. 

"We were talking with the boys and it turns out we're both heading the same place, so, she can stay on your bus if you want." Dinah answers first, oh god, captain of the ship.

"Are you guys okay with that?" I ask, finally turning towards four fifths of Fifth Harmony. They're all smiling. A chorus of yes's and for sure's rings out in the near silence. I turn towards the boys. They all shrug and smile.

"Pretty girl on the bus? No problem here." Michael says, staring at Camila, whose still sleeping in my arms. Before anyone else can say anything I spit out my reply.

"Back the hell off Michael, she's mine if you haven't noticed already." Everyone widens their eyes, turning towards the blonde. My heart jumps to my throat.

"I mean, she's not literally mine I was just-"

"We get it babe, go cuddle with you lover." Normani says, cutting off my awkward explanation. I nod to her thankfully.

"Goodnight guys." I say quietly, turning towards the door. I take the back exit out of the venue and try to jog down the road, but that's not very easy with a sleeping eighteen year old in your arms. I finally get to the door, and reach out quickly opening it and then whip my arm back down to hold Camila up.

I avoid hitting her on anything, and slowly walk to the back of the bus. I set her down on the far side of my bunk, and lay the covers over her body. Then I go to change. Once I've tugged on a pair of gray joggers and a sweatshirt, I climb into bed.

Immediately I feel a pair of arms wrap around me, and the warm scent of Camila's shampoo fills my nostrils. I sigh, breathing her in. I feel the girl throw her leg over me, and pull me closer. I turn my head and plant a kiss on her forehead.

"Goodnight love." I whisper softly.

"Goodnight beautiful, and I am yours by the ways." The soft voice doesn't even startle me. I feel my cheeks warm up at her comment.

"and what kind of a goodnight kiss is that." Camila mumbles sleepily. I feel her hand slide across my front until she reaches my cheek, turning my head. A warm pair of lips press against mine. She pulls away, laying her head back down.

"Now that's, how you say goodnight."


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