14. You

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Nothing really could have prepared me for how attractive Camila was on stage. The whole buildup to the girls walking on stage was really cool, although I still think 5SOS's is a bit cooler. It's been a long time since the boys and I had been to a concert, instead of performing in one. It's a little weird, but it's a good weird.

The first girl to step up and sing was Normani, and her outfit, or lack of one, made me widen my eyes. She looked good, all of them did, but one latina in particular was catching my attention.

"Everyday is payday,

swipe my card than I do the nae nae."

Normani's voice completely dominated the room, and the rest of the girls were all dancing along. Camila looked incredible, she was completely covered but still showing a lot of skin. Nice. I guess she caught me looking at her, because I earned a wink. What a flirt.

I turn my head to catch a glimpse of all four boys, making valient attempts to dance along. 

"You guys need to stop." I laugh over the music, Calum sticks his tongue out. Michael just flips me off, and continues to do his take on the nae nae.

Camila's confidence on stage was definitely one of the most attractive things about her, it's like she was a completely different person. 

"You say that you a baller and I see you tryna holla,

but that ain't how I was brought up."

I eventually give up, and start dancing with the boys.

"Oi! Finally!" Ashton exclaims, it's hard to describe what he was trying to do. I chuckle and start grooving along to the music.

"Yeah, finally y/n, it's not like you were in dance classes for five years of your life." Luke mutters, I laugh even louder. I'm a pretty good dancer if I do say so myself. Everyone around us was standing up, so we decided to as well. Luke and Michael immediately start to dance together, and it transitions into grinding on each other. No wonder people think they're gay.

I turn to Calum and we start to shout the lyrics at each other. We know them because this song was all that played on the radio for a while. 

"Shut yo mouth!" Calum yells at me, rolling his body to the beat of the music.

"Boy I think you know who run this house!" I counter, pushing his chest playfully. Calum pretends to be angry, and crosses his arms like a child.

"I ain't thirstin for no bae!" Calum sings sassily, shaking his finger in my face. I can't help my laughter at this point, this is the most fun I've had with the boys in a long time.

"Cause I already know what you're trying to say! Hey!"  The girls on stage sing, I hear Lauren giggle into her mic, probably because of Calum and I.

"Hey, isn't that Five Seconds of Summer!" A girl shouts from behind us, the boys tense up.

"I love you guys! Oh my god Y/N!" We all relax, we knew we were going to be recognized but we didn't want to cause a riot in the audience. I bring a finger to my lips.

"Hey, we can talk after the show okay, I promise, right now just enjoy the girls." I murmur into the girls ear after pulling her in for a hug. The girl blushes and nods, then turns her attention back to the girls. After a little more dance battling with Calum, the girls of Fifth Harmony were starting up their next song.

"I must confess, you lookin fresh." Dinah steps up to the middle of the stage and starts to sing, the girls filing into a new formation behind her.

"So fresh!" Camila shouts cutely from behind her, a smile breaking across my features.

"Go 'head and flex." 

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