20. You

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"Baby, come on." I murmur, nipping at Camila's ear. The girl beside me tenses, sighing slowly.

"I can't dance, y/n, you know that." She chuckles, catching my eyes. I stare at her for a second, oh my god she's so beautiful. It's taken me by surprise again, like it always does. I push her towards the dance floor, urging her to go with me.

"Please?" I mumble, continuing to gently push the younger girl towards the floor. Camila resists my advances, I can feel her giving up. Turning her around to face me, I give her my best set of puppy dog eyes. I physically see her resolve crumble, and she rolls her eyes. I laugh excitedly, tugging her towards the group of people already there. The song had just ended, so a new one was about to play and I was anxious to see what it would be.

"Pretty lady,

come here baby, I just wanna love your body right"

Hell yes, Somo. I smile, taking Camila's hand in mine and pulling her closer. I start to sway to the beat, rolling my body to the music. Camila doesn't take her eyes off me, tugging her bottom lip between her teeth.

"Thinking maybe,

I could crazy, yeah yeah yeah,

until the morning light.

I don't take my eyes from my girlfriends, watching as her eyes start to change. Going from easy and laidback, into a look I know all too well by now. Well, time to have some fun with this.

"Girl the way you flaunt it,

those hips flow like water.

Dip it low, I'll watch it."

I still my movements, letting my eyes roam Camila's body cockily, my bottom lip between my teeth. She walks closer, grabbing me by my jacket and slowly tugging me closer. I chuckle, starting to sing along to the music.

"This love hits like rocket ships, from outer space.

I'm in the highest place with you."

As the chorus makes its way to our ears, Camila slowly turns around, backing into my body. 

"Baby I just wanna show off,

come on baby take your clothes off."

As the smooth, sultry beat hits around the room, Camila starts to roll her hips. With Camila grinding into my front, I swear I almost stop breathing. A gasp escaping my lips, I hear a chuckle come from the girl in front of me. I start to move again, matching the rhythm Camila has already set.

"We can keep on bumpin, and grinding, and loving so wildly,

You know I wanna show you off." 

I slip my hands to Camila's hips, looping my thumbs through her belt loops as I had done before. I roll my body, I've danced like this with girls before, but holy shit Camila is so much better than any girl who had just wandered up to me, half drunk. 

"Oh my fucking god." I mumble, not meaning for it to go past my lips. Realizing it had, my face flushes red. Camila laughs again, almost pressing into my center even further.

"You're cute." She giggles, drawing a hand up to touch the side of my face and trace my jawline.

"I could say the same for you, except you're doing something right now that is really turning me on." I murmur, leaning down to press a kiss behind Camila's ear.

"Is it now?" She whispers, pressing against me even further. Nearly groaning, I pull away from the younger girl, unable to keep my composure. Tugging Camila by her hand, I pull her off the dance floor and around the corner. Gently pinning her to the wall I start attacking her neck with light kisses, pressing our hips together. Slowly Camila starts to move her hips again, pushing them into mine. 

"We should stop babe, I don't want our first time to be in the hallway, and if we don't stop now that's what's going to happen." I murmur, letting go of the brunette's wrists and taking a step back. Camila pouts her lower lip, how is she so adorable yet so sexy at the same time?

"Fine." Camila mumbles, walking towards me like a little kid and throwing her arms around my neck. Falling into the unexpected embrace I pull her closer. Turning my head slightly I see a tall muscular body walking towards us, and feel a sudden movement against my center. Camila rolls her hips for a second, using my surprise as an opportunity and stepping back again. That little shit.

"Good to see you two made it!" A rough voice interrupts the heated moment, and I almost thank him. I turn towards the source of the sound to find Harry standing in front of us.

"Yeah, we've been having fun so far." Camila says innocently, lacing her hand with mine. Harry nods, raising his eyebrows suggestively. I shake my head and laugh, squeezing the other girls hand.

"Alright I'm gonna go see what they're serving at the bar but I'll catch you two later?" Harry says hopefully. I nod gently, squeezing Camilas hand. Harry bounces on his heels excitedly, turning back around and jogging back towards the bar.

"Wanna dance again babe?" 


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