12. Camila

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Y/n and I had spend hours talking about nothing and everything, watching random movies, and exchanging lazy kisses while her brother and his bandmates wandered around the bus.

"You know," I mumble, snuggling deeper into y/n's embrace. "The girls and I have a show tonight."

"I know, and I don't want you to leave." She mumbles sleepily. I smile without meaning to, looking up at y/n's closed eyes.

"You could, go to it?" I suggest, her eyes open at this. She looks down at me, her warm breathe gently blowing on my face.

"You know I'd have to drag the boys along?" Y/n says, tracing gentle shapes on my back. That's not really a problem, I mean, Michael should learn to contain himself, but the rest of the boys are just sweethearts.

"That's okay." I mutter, my voice muffled by her shirt. Y/n's hand moves down gently, continuing to innocently draw light shapes on my hip.

"I can't wait." Y/n says softly, using her free hand to pull me up further on the couch. I giggle, sliding my phone from my pocket. Absentmindedly I open twitter, and immediately my phone nearly freezes from the thousands upon thousands of notifications. I give my phone a second to compensate, and then look around to see what's going on.

"Who the hell is this Hemmings girl lol #camren."

"Screw camren I ship #y/s/n."

"lol #y/s/n is more real than you are."

"I shipped it before they met #y/s/n."

"I'd approve of her if she wasn't related to that boy from 5lol #camren."

"So proud of my baby y/n for landing a babe like Camila #y/s/n"

"My actual parents #y/s/n"

"Dude but y/n is getting more girls than all of the boys combined, I'm proud. #y/s/n"

"Um, y/n..." I laugh, nudging her gently. Y/n opens her eyes and shakes her head.

"Wha?" She asks, looking extremely disoriented. I bite back a laugh and hand her my phone to read the tweets.

"This is about Luke's video isn't it?" Y/n's trying not to smile, and I can tell. Then she purses her lips in confusion.

"Wait, you haven't come out publicly yet right?" She asks, making eye contact with me.

"No, the fans just like to think they know. It's funny cause they're right." I say lightly, tugging my phone back and searching for Luke's profile. When I find it, I see a picture of y/n and I cuddling while Finding Nemo is playing in the background. I save it, and keep scrolling until I see the video. I click to start it, and turn my head to see y/n's face contort in horror.

"Babe no stop!" She complains, grabbing at my phone half-heartedly. We both freeze slightly when the realization of what y/n just said sets in.

"Babe?" I question, raising my eyebrow teasingly.

"Slipped out." Y/n quips, biting her lip slightly. My eyes flicker subconsciously, and I look back down at my phone.

"So now everyone thinks we're dating." I say plainly, scrolling through some more tweets. Wow, our ship name is the number one trend on twitter.

"Well, they won't be wrong much longer." Y/n whispers, not meaning for me to hear.

"Good to know." I answer in just as low of a whisper. Y/n immediately turns red, and pulls out her own phone to try and cover her embarrassment. I laugh and shake my head.

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