4. Camila

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Wow. Just wow.

All I can think about is last night, and the beautiful girl who sat next to me.

I tug the covers up under my chin, feeling goosebumps raise all along my arms. Y/N.

I love her name. Her eyes, oh my god her eyes. I smile subconsciously, letting my eyes flutter closed.

"All right, everybody up!" A raspy voice slices through the heavenly silence in our hotel room. God damn it Lauren.

I roll my eyes and throw the sheets up to cover my face. A slight pressure at the end of the mattress surprises me. Wait, oh shit.

Suddenly, a huge weight is thrown on top of me, pinning me onto the bed. I push up with my arms and roll the older girl off.

"Good morning Mila." Lauren says cheerfully, gently tugging the white bedsheets down to reveal my face.

"Shut up Lauren." I mutter, slapping her hands away and burrowing back into the fabric. Just as I was about to drift away again, Lauren shouted. 

"Oh, you just wanna keep dreaming about that hot girl from last night." She smirked at me, licking her lips. Jealousy panged in my chest, and I rolled my eyes.

"What n-no" I stuttered, trying to play it off with a cough. The older girl just chuckled.

"You like the bad girl, You like the bad girl!" She hopped around and pointed at me, chanting her annoying song. The door creaked open, and immediately Lauren stood still. She peered around the corner only to laugh and embrace the person on the other side.

My face was still in the process of heating up in embarrassment, I ducked my head under my pillow to hide.

"Good Morning Camila!" Ally shouted, sitting on the edge of my bed. I groaned.

"Go away." I mumbled, gently using my foot to push the older girl away.

"C'mon babe we have to get ready." Lauren laughed, and I finally gave in and sat up. Ally stood up and smoothed out her shirt.

"Alright, I gotta go check on the other girls. Be ready on time guys." She ordered and walked away.

"Okay mom." Lauren mutters, shutting the door before Ally could reply. I groaned and stood up, my bare feet tickled by the soft fabric of the carpet. 

Lauren turned back to me and smirked.

"Well, sucks for you, cause I like the bad girl too, and so does Normani." She says, shrugging her shoulders and pulling on a white top. My eyes widen, and I slip off my sweatshirt. Lauren and I changing around each other was no big deal, sure we both had an interest in girls but nothing had ever happened between us.

"Oh yeah?" I reply, struggling to contain the jealousy in my tone. Lauren looks back up at me.

"Yeah, who wouldn't? She's hot as fuck." Lauren says plainly. My jaw nearly hits the carpet.

I shake my head and slide on a black and white flannel. How can she only think that about y/n.

"No she's not." I mumble, searching around my suitcase for my navy blue snapback. When I finally find the hat, I brush my hair back and put it on my head. Then I turn around to face  Lauren.

Now it was Lauren's mouth left agape. I bit back a smile.

"How the hell could you not think that?" The older girl asks, zipping up her suitcase and placing it on the floor.

"Cause I think she's beautiful." I say proudly, sliding my legs into a pair of light wash skinny jeans. The fabric keeps getting caught on my ankles, I give it one final tug and buckle the belt around my waist. I don't wait to hear her reply and leave the room. My thoughts drift back to the girl from last night.

She looked at me like I was the most important thing in the world to her, and how she fended off her older brother's band mate.

Holy shit, when she performed on stage. The sweat glistening off her forehead as she commanded the crowd. She got so into the music. When she sang straight to me, it sent shivers down my spine. Her fingers on that guitar, holy hell. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back against the elevator wall.

Fuck, control yourself Camila. I straightened back up, but that didn't help. I was far too gone to feel innocent anymore.

I slipped my phone out of my back pocket in an attempt to calm myself down. Quickly unlocking the device, I opened twitter.

Hey! I'll bet she has a twitter! I smiled to myself at my cleverness, wait what cleverness. She's almost as famous as her brother of course she has twitter.

Let's see, tapping y/n Hemmings into the search bar I hit enter. Sure enough, I clicked on her profile. Why the fuck did I come onto her twitter if I wanted to calm myself down. I scrolled down her tweets.

She's so thoughful. You can see the amount of time she puts into thinking about what she'll say next.

After her first couple tweets, I see one that really catches my eye.

"I hope we can meet again, you've really got me captivated." 

I was almost sure this was about me, I smiled and favorited it. After a little more scrolling I saw an image attachment. I clicked on it.

Shit. Shit. Shit.


It was a picture of y/n with her head leaned all the way back and her mouth open, her hands hanging down and effortlessly playing the guitar I saw her with last night. I saved the picture, and shut off my phone.

That's enough of that.

Looking around, I realize that, I haven't moved. I turn to the buttons.

Wow. I didn't press one. 


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