Chapter Thirty

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It doesn't really get cold but I do find myself wearing a Norway sweater. So I decide to be the ultimate white girl and go to Starbucks to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte. I can already see the girl behind the counter that's about half my age and probably just helping out judging me and I hope it stays in her eyes but it does leave her mouth as well eventually and I cringe even before she finishes her first sentence. And don't get me wrong, I don't cringe for myself, I cringe for her.

"Would you like cream on top?" she asks me and I smile. "Yes, please." She eyes me up and down and I know she's got this urge, something inside her yelling at her to speak her mind even though we both know we wish she rather hadn't. "Are you sure you should?" she asks back and I raise an eyebrow. But I know this old game, it doesn't bother me so I decide to challenge her a little bit, maybe make her realise early on in her life that it does not in fact pay off to become a little shit like my dear collegue, Mr. Tarker. Maybe that'll teach her. "Why wouldn't I?" I ask. "Well, you should probably pay a little bit of attention to your weight." I know she means well, she thinks she's doing the right thing but I can't stop myself. "And you should probably pay a little bit of attention to your attitude." Now she's taken aback and stares at me in disbelief.

Having been in a challengey mood all day, I just can't let any of her shit sit on me. I have to counter, usually I would just pay and leave but this girl, I don't why but I have to at least teach someone something today after my whole class has not been paying attention. "Listen, word of advice. And this goes for you too, curious eyes" I add, looking right at the nosey chick behind my new home girl who simply cannot take her eyes off us. "You don't need to tell fat people they're fat because trust me, they know. You won't find a fat person that thinks they're not and do you know why? Because of people like you, and the media and everyone always comparing all girls instead of just concentrating on the fact that everybody is unique. I don't expect you to understand, you'll forget about all this because you think it can't make sense and that's only my opinion because I am in fact not society's idea of beauty but hey, everyone knows this, at least everyone who has a clear mind. So spare yourself by not pissing people off by telling them they're fat or whatever comment you think you should be making because you're not concerned about my health or shit, you just wanted something to stink about."

"And may I add something, girlfriend?" I hear a voice behind me ask and a chubby chick with dark skin and red lips steps next to me, addressing the two girlies behind the counter as well. "And I know that you in the back there were thinking about saying something, I saw in your eyes that you were contemplating because you didn't want to hurt my girl's feelings here. So let me spare you that decision for your future life as well. There's no need to tell them, they know and that can be hard enough."

Well, I had heard that stereotype of black people sticking together but fat people? That's news even to me. I like it though so I give the chick a fist bump and pay for her coffee as well. "That was quite a speech, home gurl" she says. She's got that stereotypical sassy vibe about her and I love it. We leave the shop together and she asks me if I'm doing anything or if I want to hang out. I tell her just came from work but she says she knows a great Indian place that she just discovered so I decide that I don't have anything to lose and join her. And I'm always down for Asian food.

"So, how come you have the courage to ask strangers to have lunch with you?" I grin as we sit down. She waves it off. "Well, I just moved here and I don't know anybody and my condition of moving and living by myself was to just be straight forward and talk to people because otherwise, this is going to be a total disaster and I'm gonna be stuck at home all day. So don't think I'm creepy, I just don't have any friends here yet." "Where are you from?" "Chicago." "And you wanted to get away?" She laughs. "Well, I needed to be somewhere else. You know, a guy." I nod slowly. "And I needed a fresh start. I just graduated from university. Physics. Got a job here." I raise my eyebrows and lean back in my chair. "Really?" She laughs. "Yeah, you can't tell it on me, I know. What do you do?" "I just started teaching English in Middle School. I'm Bev, by the way. Beverly but Bev." She nods. "Oh, interesting. I'm Cora."

I let Cora order her two favourite things because she says I have to try both so we'll just share. We tell each other a little bit about our work while we wait and I get happier and happier that I just said yes to having lunch with her even though it was a little random at first. "So, do you live alone too?" she asks. "No, I have a roommate. He's a writer and he can be a pain in the ass but he's exceptionally pretty so he can get us out of any trouble." She laughs. "Oh, that kind of guy? But you're not into him, are you?" I shake my head. "Never." "Have you got a boyfriend though?" "Um ... I don't know, there is someone but I wouldn't call him that." "By the way, tell me if I'm getting too personal." I shake my head and wave it off. "No, it's fine." "Oh, there's the food!" she calls and the waitress puts down the plates in front of us. "Thank you" I smile.

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