Chapter 8

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"Hey Pete? Peter? Are you alright, bud. Talk to me Pete! Come on man, SPEAK!" a voice yelled as Peter came hurling back to existence. His head was spinning round and round until it felt two hands holding it into place. He found himself in the arms of an angel. The angel looked down at him with concern and stop shaking Peter's head as he noticed Peter's eyes opening.

"Pete!" he shouted with glee as he gave Peter a hug and kissed him on the cheek, "You're alive! Man, am I glad you're alive or else your dads would've killed me." He pulled back from the hug to reveal a smirk that Peter only knew too well. His blond hair seemed to gleam in the florescent light and Peter became lost in his sky blue eyes.

"Johnny?" Peter muttered as he raised his hand weakly trying to reach Johnny's face. The weight of gravity overpowered his skinny arm and it fell back to his side. Johnny caressed Peter's cheek as tears came falling from Peter's eyes. Johnny wiped away the tears and hushed Peter's crying. He planted a kiss on Peter's forehead and looked out the hospital window. His eyes seemed to be processing thousands of unpleasant thoughts. His face grew darker as he posed a question to Peter, who was lying helplessly on the hospital bed. The white sheets of the bed seemed to be swallowing Peter's fragile figure. Peter's eyes shut at the sound of Johnny's question and his whole body began to shake which only made Johnny's grasp on Peter more secure.

Johnny leaned near Peter's ear and ask again, "Who did this to you?"

Again this question was met with silence. Johnny's eyebrows lower and his jaw clenched to Peter's reaction. He slowly let go of Peter and began pacing the room. Whoever did this to Pete was sure in for it. He could feel his body temperature rising with every second. He had blasted in too late. Peter had stabbed himself. His weak body had become lifeless. LIFELESS! The cute little wall-crawler who never shut up, had shut up. And Johnny had rushed him to the hospital. And he had waited for so long. So long. He had waited hours outside the hospital room with just one person on his mind. Peter.

Peter started to groan out something and Johnny's attention quickly returned to Peter as he rushed to his side. Peter's lips seemed to be fighting back something but eventually a word slipped: Wade. As if the word had poisoned him, Peter's entire body went limp and Johnny ran out the room into the hallway. There he ran back and forth with lighting speed looking for someone who could help.

"Doc! Doc! Something's wrong with Peter!" he yelled to a doctor who was leisurely walking by . The doctor started running to Peter's room after asking Johnny for the room number. He called out something to Johnny as he ran.

"Go inform his parents, they have just arrived."

Johnny's eyes widened. What was he going to say. 'Gee Mr. and Mr. Stark-Rogers, your only child is dying after being tortured by his fiance and I could have stop it but didn't because I uhh...uhh'. Yup, there was nothing Johnny could say that wouldn't end with Steve in tears and Tony building the Wall. Hell, Tony would probably go back to his old drinking habits if Peter would die and Steve... Steve would... He didn't know what Steve would do if he lost Peter. Peter and Tony are the only people Steve really has. And after Peggy died well... he had gone missing.

Johnny was waiting for the elevator preparing what he was going to say to Peter's parents when the elevator door opened with them inside. Steve's eyes were red from crying while Tony tried the best he could to keep himself together. Tony had his far-off look that told Johnny that Tony was on the verge of breaking down. Johnny moved aside so they could get out and he lead them to Peter's room. Silence ruled over them and no one even muttered a hello. They walked with their shoulders slumped and their heads lowered and no one dared say a thing. There was no need to... Peter, the ray of light in their gray and pitiful lives, had tried to kill himself.

They entered the room only to find several nurses rushing back and forth trying to revive Peter. The doctor was checking his heartbeat when he yelled for some nurses to put him on life-support. His heart rate was becoming irregular as the doctor explained to the depressed group that Peter was in a state of shock. A nurse handed the doctor a defibrillator and he rushed towards the patient with it.

"3, 2, 1," the doctor counted as he tried to fix Peter's irregular heartbeat. Tony held Steve in his arms as Steve broke down into tears. Tony closed his eyes and looked away from the horrid scene. As for Johnny, he placed a hand on Tony's shoulder to comfort him as his eyes stared straight at Peter. His eyes filled up with tears but he dared not look away. He couldn't.

Peter was the only one who risked everything he had for the world. He had lost everything. His parents, his uncle, his aunt, and his girlfriend. And all this happened while he tried to save the world from evil. Life had finally changed for him when he was adopted by Steve and Tony. He was about to marry the man of his dreams. But fate has a funny way of ruining those bliss moments by turning them against you. And it's funny how one who has saved so many lives can end up losing theirs. You would think that life would reward someone who has done so much good. Alas, whoever said life was fair? Come to think of it, whoever said life was anything?

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