Chapter 6

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Deadpool's mind was spinning as he came hurling back into reality. He felt as if he was floating and his whole world had gone upside down.
[Well, we are hanging upside down.]
{Shh, the author is telling a story!}
[She could be more descriptive and less obvious.]
{Shut up! I want to know what happened to us.}
[Wait, but we are... You know what, I don't care.]

So yeah, Deadpool found himself hanging upside down and as his eyes began to adjust he could see the faint outline of two people. They seem to be talking or something. The shorter of the two walked off leaving a hunchback character who limped toward a computer screen. A voice came from the screen as the man pulled up a video.

"Dr. Conners, I grow impatience of you and Dr. Osborn. They are waiting for Mr. Wilson to be delivered and it is has been almost a month since you recovered him," the voice from the computer order. The hunchback man responded quickly and nervously.

"Sir, we need to run a few more experiments on him then he is theirs. As for the Parker kid, he is in the hands of Dmitri Anatoly just like you ordered."

{Da Mighty who?}
[It's Russian.]
[Well no. You see Anatoly is actually Cha-]
[No! But Chameleon does.]
{Who is-}
[A villain.]

Deadpool's eyes widen as his voices revealed this information. Peter was with Chameleon! He could be with Chameleon and think it's Aunt May or or MJ or... Johnny! How did these villains know that they were at Starbucks in the first place? Unless... Johnny was the Chameleon all along!

Deadpool's heart was pounding against his rib cage just thinking about it all. It all made sense now. The real Johnny Storm would never be such a bitch to go so far as flirting with Deadpool's fiancé. A man must have dignity after all.
[Says the Merc with the Mouth.]

"Dr. Conners, I want Mr. Wilson prepared by the time I get there!" the voice boomed as the computer turned off. Deadpool immediately went limp as Dr. Conners walked over to him so Dr. Conners wouldn't notice that he was conscious.

Damn, Petey would be so proud that I'm using -What does he call it?- Oh yeah, a strategy.

Dr. Conners was laying Deadpool on a table when Deadpool noticed a small scalpel. He caught Conners off guard when he punched him in the stomach. Conners stubbled backwards and quickly regained his balance. Deadpool snatched the scalpel as Conners charged towards him.

Deadpool threw the scalpel into Conners left eye and started laughing as he heard Conner's monstrous scream. He waltzed up to the injured mad scientist.

"Did you lose a contact Dr. Conners? I'm tellin' ya, ya gotta keep an eye on those or else poof they end up in a salad bar or on your toilet seat," Deadpool joked," Now tell me. Where is Spiderman?"

Conners suddenly stopped wailing and looked up at Deadpool. The eye had healed. Deadpool was in shock until he noticed an empty needle roll near his feet.


A loud roar came from the scientist as it painfully and slowly transformed into a monstrous lizard. Deadpool began to run when he noticed he wasn't getting anywhere. He looked back to see the Lizard holding him by his costume. This only caused Deadpool to try to run faster

"Come on! Come on!" Deadpool muttered.


Deadpool ran off as the costume slipped from the Lizard's grip and smacked Deadpool's behind.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow, owwww my ass. My beautiful, sexy ass," Deadpool whined as he rubbed his butt. He kept running until he found himself in what seemed to be an underground prison. All the cells were open except for two.

"WADE! PLEASE WADE! WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU?" a scream yelled from one of the cells. As Deadpool approached the cell he could see a blue light coming from within the cell.

"Wade? Please, I-I-I loved you." the voice cried out. Deadpool's heart sank as the voice cracked at the end of the sentence. It was Peter. But if he was supposed to be with the Chameleon and Peter was crying out Wade then that meant...

Deadpool's eyes narrowed. He walked up to the cell and kicked the door open.

"No fucking one hurts my Spideykins!" he yelled only to discover a tape recording and a projector.

"What the-" Deadpool started but couldn't finish because of a sudden hit on the back of the head. Once again his mind went tumbling down a bottomless black hole.

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