Chapter 11

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YAY! The X-Men are in this chapter! I'm sorry in advance if I didn't put your favorite X-Men in the story but there are a lot of great X-Men and only so many I can add to my story before it erupts into utter chaos. Also Quicksilver's in this chapter. Keep in mind he is Avenger's Quicksilver not X-Men's Quicksilver.


Wade kicked open the door to room 212 of the Holiday Inn.

{Boom baby!}

[Ugh, we've been watching way too much Disney.]

{Hey, technically we are from Disney too since Disney bought Marvel.}

[Wow, I honestly thought you wouldn't be intelligent enough to make that connection.]

{HEY! I can too be intoll...uh... integument}

[Merriam Webster definition of integument is 'something that covers or encloses; especially : an enveloping layer (as a skin, membrane, or cuticle) of an organism or one of its parts'.]


[You used the wrong word...again.]

Wade ignored the voices in his head as he inspected the room around him. He had Wolverine's ugly face right in front of him looking at him with annoyance and anger. Wolverine was wearing his basic leather pants, white t-shirt , and leather jacket.

{One angry Wolverine: Check.}

A disappointed Rogue was to Wolverine's left. She was fiddling with her gloves which she tended to do when she was bored. She was in her green costume, yellow boots, and yellow gloves.

{One sexy Rogue: Check}

A sleepy Cyclops was buttering a piece of toast and didn't seem to notice the sudden entrance of Deadpool. He was wearing his X-Men costume pants and white tank top. Jean Grey was right next to him and was sipping Starbucks. Her eyes had flickered for a moment to Wade and then back at Cyclops, who was talking to her about something. She was wearing Cyclops' X-Men jacket over her black cami tank top and her black spandex shorts.

{One lovey-dovey couple with creepy-ass powers: Check}

Over by the window was Professor X talking to a boy with silver hair. The boy with silver hair looked as if Professor X was giving him sad news, which was most likely the case. The boy with silver hair was wearing some sorta Flash suit but it was silver and blue.

{Last time I checked we weren't in DC Comics.}

[We aren't dumbass, that's Quicksilver.]

'Oh yeah, Quicksilver the new Avenger!' Deadpool remembered as he thought of when Peter was complaining about how he wasn't allowed to be in the Avengers. Professor X was like he always was, dressed in a suit and tie and in his wheelchair.

{Damn, I bet he sleeps in that suit.}

[You moron, Professor X just cares about his appearance unlike us.]

'Hey! I dress to impress. I'm just not a suit and tie kind of guy.' Deadpool argued to his voices.

"WADE!" Wolverine growled which brought Wade back to reality. Wade looked back at Wolverine and put his arms up in surrender. He shut his eyes tight, though it wasn't visible since he was wearing his mask.

"Please don't kill me...again," Wade wheezed out to Wolverine. Quicksilver looked over at the merc and gave out a loud laugh. All the X-Men and Deadpool looked at Quicksilver in disbelief, no one laughed at what Deadpool said. They all knew once they laughed at whatever Wade did, he would constantly try to make them laugh again. Quicksilver noticed their response and scratched the back of his head.

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