Chapter 15

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I'm back y'all!!!! I had originally deleted this story because I wasn't sure where it was going and I didn't want to be that writer that never finished her story.

But I'm back.

{Took you fucking long enough}

[ Whoa whoa calm down there. She is still fragile because of Infinity War]

{Aren't we all?}



Red hot flames were chasing Tony as he desperately went to the kitchen in search for some tools. Now was definitely not the time for flashbacks but the heat and crunch for time always made Tony think of Afghanistan. It was something he always thought of when he was stressed but he never had the guts to tell anyone. His muscles would always tense up and his mind seemed to run at lightning speed causing veins to bulge on the left side of his forehead. He quickly scrambled for the microwave, Hawkeye's 6 coffee makers, and his backup Iron-man suit. What did you think he was that stupid? Nah... he just really wanted some food and coffee before he suited up and got away. And after all, Clint would want his 6 coffee makers replaced and Tony may be rich but... replacing all 6 of them... hell no.

Tony flew out of the remains of the tower and landed on top of Hawkeye's apartment complex (Idk if yall read Fraction's Hawkeye comics but you should) - aka the Avenger's back up gathering location in the event of well what just happened also where everyone goes when they wanna watch Tarantino films because for some reason Hawkeye has all of the films with director's commentary and everything. As if on cue Clint Barton kicked open the door to the roof and leaned on the door as he smirked at Tony.

"Tony! You are so screwed" Clint chuckled.

"You think I don't know that? Last time I went up to space Steve had a heart attack and wouldn't let us watch any Star Wars or Star Trek or anything space related because he didn't want to think of the fact that I almost -"

"TONY!" Steve interrupted Tony as he rushed to embrace his husband. His big muscular arms enveloped Tony's exhausted fatigued body. The only proof that Tony hadn't completely disappeared was his unkempt, singed hair.


"Don't say anything Tony," Steve sighed as he let go and gave Tony his infamous disappointed frown. Oh no... here we go. Clint snickered as Steve started lecturing Tony on his "reckless behavior". A slight whimper came from down the stairwell and if it wasn't for Clint not forgetting to put in his hearing aids for once.... (lets all give a single clap for him) then he wouldn't have heard it at all. Clint rushed downstairs to find Spider-Man helping a malnourished speedster.

"Hey.... take it easy Pete. Let me take him from here." Clint yelled as he was too worried to control the level of his voice. Quicksilver pushed his weight off the 150 pound kid and nearly collapsed in Clint's arms. He let out a grunt as Clint picked him up. "There, there kid. I gotcha," Clint continued to coo as he readjusted so he wasn't touching any wounds and brought Quicksilver to his beat up couch. "Hey Pete! Go grab one of the medicine kits in my closet," Clint said as he ripped a hole in Quicksilver's pants to examine the large gash on his calf muscle and grabbed Quicksilver's hand. Peter nodded and rushed out of the room.

"Rogue's outside," Quicksilver coughed, "she's-" Suddenly a loud crash came from the kitchen where Peter yelled "Damn Clint! How many med kits do you need?" Quicksilver let out a painful laugh as Clint's cheek turned slightly pinker.

"Sorry I don't have super powers and bleed like a normal human being!" Clint yelled as Tony and Steve walked into the apartment with Rogue and Wolverine slowly trailing behind. "I swear to God... y'all always come to me for help but you..." Clint trailed off as he snatched the bandages from Peter's hand and started focusing on Pietro's wound only to find it already healed. " Are you fucking kidding me!"

"What? You didn't see that coming?" quipped the speedster which caused Clint to give him a nasty glare. Pietro chuckled at the humiliated blonde and quickly pecked him on the cheek. "It's good to see you haven't changed," he snickered.

"So is this all of us?" Steve asked as he looked around. Tony was still in his burnt clothes; his face covered in soot. Peter was okay for the most part. His body may seem fragile but after a couple days at the hospital he had healed almost completely. The only remaining evidence of his capture were the scars on his arms. His once sullen face had a smile on it as he kept messing with Clint's arrows that were propped up on the wall only to have his hand slapped by Tony. Rogue was fiddling with her gloves while Pietro and Clint were busy exchanging romantic looks and a kiss every now and again. Clint's grip on Pietro's hand hadn't let go since he had laid him on the couch. Wolverine was the only one that was really paying attention as he had nodded and grunted to Steve's question.

Yup this was it. This was the Avengers.

[Some rescue party]

{Hey I thought that was an awesome ending to a chapter}

As they got into Hawkeye's spare Quinjet Rogue looked around in confusion for the source of the voices.

"Is something wrong?" Wolverine whispered to her. She shook her head as she remembered she had touch Deadpool, but she couldn't help but feel disturbed as a rush of cold air made its way on the Quinjet.

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