Chapter 1

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Wade Wilson aka Deadpool never needed anyone. He had always been able to get up after a fight even when he didn't have his legs. But as he walked down the street he felt lost; he felt empty; he felt... dead. Except there was no Lady Death and honestly he didn't want to see her. His heart had moved on and then it had shattered. The pieces of his heart had become stuck to the inside of his chest, leaving behind an everlasting pain that was regret.

It had all started when he had first met the beloved wall crawler. He knew the moment he laid eyes on Spiderman that he was in love. And it had taken forever for him to tell Peter his true feelings. It must have been his lucky day because Peter returned his feelings and they started dating. Three years had past and Peter asked Wade to marry him.

It was going great until a few months ago. Peter was ordering the flowers and cake when Johnny Storm aka Human Torch came. Wade had known Johnny's crush on Peter for a long time but Peter still seemed oblivious.

"Hey Pete!" Johnny smirked as he eyed Peter's backside. Peter turned around to find Johnny closer than he expected. But then this was the Human Torch we are talking about. He is far from expectation. Wade was sitting at the table and was grinding his teeth with anger. He held back his jealousy knowing all too well that Peter would yell at him.

"How's the bride to be?" Johnny asked as he gave Peter a tooth-filled grin. His face inches away from Peter's face. Peter, being the nice guy he is, returned the smile and walked away to the kitchen. And then it happened, Johnny smacked Peter's butt. And the comment that followed made Wade's blood boil.

"Not having any second thoughts are you?" This made Peter scowl as well as blush from embarrassment which totally gave Johnny the wrong sign. Peter was about to reply when Wade smacked Johnny on the back of the head.

"You fucking slut! He ain't interested, he's got me," Wade yelled. Johnny turned around to see Wade.

"Well maybe he's tired of chimichangas and your loud mouth always yapping! He deserves someone better; someone who actually is appealing to look at." Johnny replied as he shoved Wade.
{Oh hell no, he did not just insult chimichangas!}
[Yes he did, he also called us annoying and ugly.]
Wade ignored the voices in his head and grabbed his katanas out.

"Well if you love yourself so damn much then why don't you go fuck yourself!" he retorted as he slightly touched Johnny's cheek with one katana. His blood dripped from his cheek onto the katana. Johnny's eyes narrowed telling Wade that his comment had struck a nerve. Wade laughed hysterically as he put his katanas back and then became very serious.

"Don't you ever lay another finger, toe, or any other body part on my fiancé again!" He growled in a low voice. Johnny growled back and stormed out of the apartment, leaving Wade with a very displeased boyfriend.

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