Chapter 7

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Peter Parker had woken up to the sight of the Green Goblin's face only a few inches away from his. Peter had almost had a heart attack because of it. Man, and he had said the Green Goblin's mask looked stupid. The Green Goblin had tortured him endlessly for the information regarding Deadpool but Peter had refused to say a thing. In turn he had found himself chained to the wall with the punishment of watching two crazy scientists rip apart his fiancé's corpse. Or at least he thought it was a corpse.

He kept trying to remind himself that Deadpool had a healing factor and that he was going to be okay. But every time a scalpel dug into the unconscious body, every drop of blood that fell onto the floor, and every needle that stabbed into Wade's flesh; it made the healing factor seem less apparent. It made Peter's whole body cringe and cry out for something. Something that Peter though he could never have again: hope.

The days slowly dragged on like this. Hours of tests, experiments, and injections were made on Deadpool and Peter just watched. His whole body felt heavier and it felt harder to breath. It hurt to move; to think; to live. But soon that pain went away. Everything went away. Peter could no longer remember what pain felt like, what love felt like, or what anything felt like.

He would hang there chained up everyday. Then after hours of the mad scientists carving up the unrecognizable pile of flesh that was his boyfriend, they would sedate Peter. They'd lay him down next to Wade and shock him. They'd ask questions, but after a while they stopped asking and Aunt May would show up. She'd torture him and yell at him. She'd ask him why he didn't save Uncle Ben and Gwen but he'd just sit there. He didn't say a word.

Sometimes his dads would come and criticize how careless he was. Steve and Tony Stark-Rogers were different. They looked older than Peter remembered. They looked angrier than when they found out Peter had snuck out to go to Wade's. And Gwen... Gwen would come and she'd kiss him. She'd cry and hug Peter. She'd ask him why he didn't love her and why he didn't save her. All this didn't affect Peter, it was like he wasn't even there.

But one day Wade came. He knocked down the cell door and for the first time Peter reacted. He crawled on his knees to Wade. He got up onto his feet for the first time since what seemed like decades and kissed Wade.... And Wade had slapped him so hard that he fell to the ground. Wade started coming everyday. Wade dunk his head into a bail of water. Wade asked questions and then tasered him afterwards for no reason. And Peter begged and he screamed but Wade would just laugh.

It didn't matter how many times Wade came, Peter's heart shattered every time. Wade would take out his katanas and slice Peter until it seemed like his whole body was on fire. His face had become black and purple with a couple of fresh cuts here and there. His malnourished body had several of slashes and bruises and an occasional bit mark made by Wade himself.

One day, Peter had heard an explosion and what seemed like Wade's voice screaming. Wade had ran by his cell and so did the Lizard. That day, Wade didn't come.

What scared Peter the most was when Wade would be in a kind mood. He confused Peter. One day he'd sew up the deep cuts and soothe the bruises as he kissed and hugged Peter and the next day he'd beat the shit out of him. Peter couldn't trust Wade anymore. He was a true wild card. He was dangerous. Yes, very dangerous.

Peter needed to get out of here. Peter needed to get away from him. He needed to and he would do anything to do it. Even if it meant taking his own life. So one night, or at least when Peter assumed was night time, he found a scalpel that Wade had accidentally left behind. Peter picked it up with both hands and pointed it towards himself.

"I'm sorry about this Dad, Pops, and Aunt May, but it is the only way I can get out of the hands of this maniac. Dad, you were right. Wade isn't human; he's an animal," Peter muttered and he stabbed himself. Right as he did an explosion happened and a man with blonde hair ran towards him. The last thing he heard before passing out was the man screaming something, something familiar. Peter? Was that his name? It had seemed so long since anyone had called him that.

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