Chapter 10

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Honestly I feel really good about this chapter. I wrote more than 1000 words! Which is a lot for me. There is A LOT of Stony in this chapter which is great.

I finally know where this story is going and man, it's gonna be huge! I'll try to update as much as I can but it's kinda hard since I have school BUT I'll do it because SPIDEYPOOL and STONY.

*P.S. There will be Hawksilver*

{What's Hawksilver?}

[It's Clint Barton and Pietro Maximoff. The author loves them being together.]

{Man, how many gay ships does she ship?}

[A lot...]

Hey! That's enough guys!...and what's bad with gay ships anyway!


That's what I thought!


"Wade?" Peter called out weakly from the hospital bed. Johnny was looking outside the window but quickly ran to Peter's side when he heard Peter. Peter's eyes were open though it was hard to tell since both his eyes were bruised. Tears were coming down Peter's cheek as he called out for Wade again. Poor boy, he is still calling out for his former lover...even after he made Peter go through Hell. Peter started screaming for Wade. Johnny tried to calm him down by holding his hand and telling Peter where he was.

"You're okay, Pete. Wade is gone and he's never coming back, not after what he did to you," Johnny whispered as he stroked Peter's hand. Peter jerked his hand away and stared at Johnny in disbelief. Peter's swollen eyes seemed to be full of pain, Johnny couldn't imagine the heartbreak Peter was going through. He wanted to be there for Peter, but he wasn't the person Peter wanted.

'Yeah, but the person Peter wants tortured him...' Johnny thought as he left Peter's side to go get Tony and Steve.

Tony had fallen asleep in the waiting room, he had curled up in a ball while crying. Steve fell asleep soon after with his arms around Tony. Johnny looked at them sleeping, their faces seemed so peaceful. He felt bad that he was going to bring them back to the harsh reality but they would want to know that their son was awake. Johnny took in a deep breath and patted Steve's shoulder.

Steve opened his eyes and saw the position he was in, he quickly let go of his husband as he became aware of his location. His cheeks turn beet red but gave Johnny a serious look and ignored how embarrassing he felt.

"What is it son?" Steve asked Johnny. Johnny became speechless from Steve's question. He lowered his hand which he had patted Steve with and stared at Steve.

'He called me son, no he didn't mean it like that...Wade was gonna be Steve's 'son' before...'Johnny thought. His thoughts were interrupted by a cough.

"Um, what did you want to say Johnny?" Steve asked. Johnny pointed at Peter's hospital door and muttered something under his breath. Steve's eyes didn't stray from Johnny and he rose an eyebrow questioningly when he didn't catch Johnny's words.

"What was that son?" Steve asked sternly, which only made Johnny more speechless and frightened. Before Johnny could respond a hand gently hit Steve's chest. Steve rolled his eyes as he heard a half-asleep Tony mumble something about how he should stop scaring the kid.

"Fine," Steve sighed as he got up, which caused Tony to fall, since he was leaning on Steve. Instead of getting up and following Steve to Peter's room, Tony curled up into a ball and continued to 'sleep'. Steve tried persuading Tony to get up but was only waved off by the lazy billionaire.

"Come on Tony, you're not even sleeping," Steve pouted as he looked down at the tiny, curled-up ball that was his husband. With this comment made, snores started to come from the resting figure. Steve let out a huge sigh and picked up Tony.

"Hey! I was sleeping!" Tony protested as he tried to get out of the arms of the irritated capsicle.

"So was our son but now he's awake," Steve retorted as he brought Tony into Peter's room. Tony saw his son looking at them and quickly got out of Steve's arms and straighten his tie. He cleared his voice to hide his embarrassment and walked to Peter's side. Peter only giggled which made Tony give him a confused look.

"How are you doing kid?" Tony asked. Tony sat down on Peter's bed as he began to inspect his son's health. Peter gave a sly smile as he looked up at his dad. Steve came up and put his hand on Tony's shoulder and looked down at Peter.

"Better now that you guys here," Peter said weakly. A small smile formed on Steve's face. "How are guys?" Peter coughed out. Tony held Peter's fragile hand and looked down at all the bruises on it. He frowned as he examined his son's arm. When he didn't reply, Steve answered the question.

"We are just glad that you're back and that you're getting better," Steve said as he gave Peter a huge smile. Peter smiled back as tears formed in his eyes.

"I'm glad too," Peter responded. Silence came over them and Steve gently slapped Tony's shoulder when he saw his husband inspecting their son's injuries. Instead the slap just got Tony's out of his thoughts and he quickly turned his attention to his son.

"Speaking of getting better," Tony started, he let go of Peter's arm and sat up straight, "Who uh, did this to you?" Tony tried to say this as nonchalantly as he could but failed miserably. Steve facepalmed at his husband's actions and Peter stared at Tony with a smirk planted on his face. After a couple of seconds of awkward silence Peter said something.

"Wow, Dad! Just... wow!" Peter gasped between fits of laughter. Steve suppressed the urge to laugh and Tony looked at Peter in confusion.

"What? I was trying to go for relaxed and easy-to-talk-to!" Tony whined. Steve bursted out laughing at the sight of Tony's adorable confused face. Tony's confused face quickly became a scowl as he shifted his attention to Steve.

"Steveee!" Tony whined as he playfully slapped Steve's arm. Steve tried calming himself down but he kept looking at the adorable face of Tony Stark.

"It's just your face was adorable," Steve gasped out after he had stopped laughing. Tony raised his eyebrow.

"Adorable? Me? Please, I may be sexy, hot, a genius, a billionaire, and a philanthropist... but I am NOT adorable," Tony stated then he looked back at his son, "But in all seriousness who did this to you? Because I'm going to personally fly them to the top of the Trump building and throw them off! That way the last thing they see as they fall to their doom is that nasty, bigass piece of trash. "

Steve and Peter looked at each other before bursting out laughing. Tony stared at them with disbelief but soon joined in. Peter tried sitting up and gave out a grunt of pain. Steve quickly rushed to the other side and both him and Tony helped Peter sit up. Peter wrapped his arms around his dads and pulled them into a hug.

'Yeah, I sure am glad that I'm back.' Peter thought as he hugged his parents.

"You know Peter, I'm still waiting for a name," Tony said. Peter let out a big sigh as he let go of the hug. Both his parents straighten up and gave Peter their full attention.

'Great, they're staring at me and are gonna do that speech about how they care about me...' Peter thought as gave a frown to his parents.

[Yeah, well at least you have someone who cares about you.]


Peter's eyes widen at the sounds of voices. What had he just heard?

(Sorry, this is Rogue. I saw Wade and I'm hear to say it wasn't him who hurt you but the one who did hurt you just attacked the X-Men. They took both Wade and Professor X, thankfully I absorbed their powers before they were taken away. Please tell your parents and get the Avengers to help us. Wolverine and I are on our way to New York now.)

"Oh my god!" Peter shouted which made both Steve and Tony look confused. He stared at them for a second and then told them the X-Men were in danger. He told about what Rogue said, except the part about Wade. Steve got up from the bed and took out his phone and dialed up a number on his phone.

"Avengers Assemble!"

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