Chapter 2

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Peter looked at Wade furiously.

"What is wrong with you?" Peter asked angrily as he slapped Wade. Wade rubbed his red cheek and looked down at the floor.

"He was flirting with you...again!" he whimpered.

"I can handle his flirting. He is after all Johnny Storm, it's what he does!"


"But what?"

"But I thought..."

"That what? That I loved him? I don't love him and you know it. I am engaged to you not him!" Peter yelled. Silence fell over their apartment. It was times like these that made Wade want to die. He wanted to shoot himself in the head, just to go away for a while. But he knew if he did, he would wake up in arms of a broken Peter. And there wasn't anything he hated more that seeing his Spideykins cry.

Peter let out an aggravated sigh and gave Wade a hug. "You can be very idiotic sometimes," he whispered.

"But you love me anyways right?" Wade chirped, hoping for a kiss.

"No, I love your idiotic side as well," Peter smirked then kissed his boyfriend, "Just please trust me. Don't always try to the hero. I can take care of myself." Wade smiled as he hugged Peter tighter. He rested his chin on top of Peter's head.

"Mmmkay," he grunted. He heard Peter wheeze something out. "What was that babe?"

"A-aair," Peter yelped out and Wade quickly released him, "Thank you." Wade's smile crept up after he saw Peter was fine. Peter was recovering when Wade suddenly picked him up and squeezed him.

"Oh Petey! Who needs air when you got me!"


"That's my name babe, don't wear it out,"


"Please what!"

"Let me g-go!"


...That is when Wade got a black eye.

"Oww! Holy shit that hurt!" Wade yelled as he released Peter to cup his hurt eye.

"I'm so sorry bun bun," Peter said in a soothing voice. He ran to the kitchen, leaving Wade alone.
{What a horrible person, leaving us after he hurt us. And to think we are going to marry this guy}
[I bet he is getting us something]
{Ten bucks says you're wrong}
[That doesn't make sense, we are in the same body, we share the same money]
{Fine be that pooper}

Peter came back with an ice pack and began to put it on Wade's eye. Wade pushed it away and uncovered his eye. He grinned as he pointed at his eye. The black eye healed in a matter of seconds.

"You know, you can also be an idiot too," Wade laughed as he took Peter into another tight hug. That's how he got a second black eye.

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