Chapter 5

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Everything seemed murky and vague as the merc awoke from his fall. He put his hand on his head and tried to focus. The voices in his head were yelling full blast and were making him have a severe headache.
{Where are we?}
[In a Spideypool fanfiction written by crazy fangirl that has no life.]
{I already know that. I meant what is this fucked-up creepy place?}
[You mean the imagination of an antisocial Marvel fangirl?]
{No! Like location-wise}
[Oh....I'm not quite sure.]

Black mist began to surround him which made him get up from the ground. A loud crunch was heard as he stepped on something. He looked down to see a pile of old bones.
Deadpool jumped with fright as he took out a gun from one of his many pouches. After scanning around him for any potential danger he put the gun away. He then looked down at his body to see it was unscathed.

Hmm, that's strange. I'm usually not fully healed when I regain consciousness unless...


He was in the last place he wanted to be. And as if it was waiting for this realization, the black mist around him began to form into something. Out of the mist the feet of a skeleton appeared, followed by the legs, pelvis, ribs, arms, shoulders, and the skull. A black cloak draped around the skeleton.

Deadpool drew his gun and pointed it to his head but before he could pull the trigger, the hooded figure stopped him. It...she threw the gun away as she caressed Deadpool's cheek with her bony hand. He held his breath as the immensely cold hand slid down his face and wrapped around his neck.

"Hi Lady Death," he huffed out, wishing he would wake up. After all, he always did wake up. It was only a matter of when would he wake up. A couple years ago he would have dreaded to wake from this place and time here always seem to go by so fast. But now, now it felt different. It felt lonely, sad, and eternal. He didn't want to stay for another second.

"Why hello Wade. What seems to be the matter? Aren't you glad to see me?" Lady Death asked. Deadpool backed away as she reached for him.

"I don't love ya anymore hun," he responded in a voice barely above a whisper. This caught Death off guard. Men had come and gone all of her eternal life but Wade was different. He was the forbidden fruit and now he no longer liked her.

"Who has stolen your heart?" she asked sweetly, trying to hide her rage. Deadpool was unaware of her jealousy and his love for Peter had blinded him. So Deadpool, being the 'sensible' guy he is, gave his ex lover an answer.

"Peter, Peter Parker," he said with an idiotic grin. Death looked down at the ground, obviously preoccupied with deep, dark thoughts. She approached the merc one last time and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

He never forgot that kiss for as long as he lived. For that was the last time he would ever see Death until he finally died for good. She transformed back into black mist and began to swirl around the anti-hero.

A ray of light blinded him and he heard muffled voices talking. The dampness of his location sent shivers throughout his body. As he finally regained his senses he found himself strapped down on a lab table. In front of him was an unconscious Peter Parker bound in chains. He screamed out for Peter only to be hit in the head by a pumpkin.

"Who throws a fucking pumpkin at people?" He quipped. He was about to roll the pumpkin off his chest when it opened. Green gas leaked out and as he fell asleep he saw a green figure approach him or was it two green figures?

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