Chapter 3

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The next morning Wade Wilson was awoken by the instantaneous yank of his bed sheets. Feeling the sudden rush of cold air upon his body, Wade hugged himself into a ball and mumbled something along the lines of how chimichangas never experience the cold because they were always hot. This made Peter, the one who yanked the blankets off of his fiance, to snort in amusement.

Wade heard the adorable noise and opened his eyelid to find an embarrassed Peter covering his nose and mouth with his hand. Peter scrunched up his face and narrowed his eyes at Wade as he noticed Wade's eye.

{Awe, he looks like a cute kicked puppy}
[You find kicked puppies cute?]
{...You know what I mean.}
"Awe, babe don't be embarrassed that you snorted, it's cute. Plus if you are going to be embarrassed, be embarrassed that YOU WOKE ME AT FOUR IN THE MORNING!" Wade said as he moved so he wasn't facing his angered fiance.

"Oh please! It is eight in the morning not four!" Peter retorted as he walked so he was right in front of sleep deprived mercenary. His disapproving frown piercing through Wade's shut eyelids. Wade humphed and put a pillow on his face in the hope to forget Peter was glaring at him. 'Sleep, just sleep. Think about Steve Roger's monotone voice. Think about the speech he gave you when Peter said you two were dating. Come on Wade! SLEEP!' But it wasn't working. He couldn't focus on falling a sleep because there was this constant tapping. 'Tap, tap, tap'. The sound resonated in his brain and he swore smoke was coming out of his ears since he knew the source of the tapping. Peter, that traitor! Not letting him sleep! He finally snapped and threw his pillow at Peter.

The tapping stopped and the intensity of Peter's glare tripled. Oh shit, now Wade's done it. Wade weakly mouthed mother before Peter lunged at him, pillow in hand. Wade felt the pillow hit him full force and Peter's legs quickly latched around Wade as a barrage of pillow hits start hitting Wade. Wade's fear quickly faltered as he heard giggles and snorts coming out of the nerd. His hand began to reach for a nearby pillow when a sticky substance bounded his hand to the bed.

"There is no way you are going to win this time Wade! I've got my web-shooters," Peter giggled as he stopped briefly to peck the surprised merc on the nose. This gave Wade the chance to use his free arm to reach for Peter's weak spot. He quickly pulled his hand from the webbing and started tickling Peter with all his might. Peter soon ended up rolling around defenseless as he erupted into giggles and tears of laughter.

"Please W-w-wade! Please st-st-stop! Please-e-e!" he howled but Wade did not stop instead he let out a cynical laugh. After a few minutes he became dead serious as he stopped and looked at Peter straight in the eyes. His voice became very quiet and Peter froze in horror.

"This is what you get for interrupting my sleep, babe," Wade whispered in a low voice. His fearsome action was then followed with a kiss on Peter's cheek and he continued tickling the startled hero. Peter cried out with laughter as Wade tickled him. This went on for a while until a loud Spiderman theme song started to play. The two lovers immediately stopped and Peter got up to answer his phone. An angry voice yelled from the other end of the line and Peter smacked his forehead which told Wade that Peter was getting chewed out for something. He had seen the gesture used before when Peter's dads had found out Peter was Spiderman or when they found out he was dating Wade. Peter began to nod and kept mumbling 'uh huh' and 'yes'.

"Yes Johnny, I'm sorry. I got caught up with something," Peter spoke up as he gave Wade an annoyed look. Wade slumped down at the sound of Johnny's name. It was always Johnny, always. Peter finally hung up and gave Wade a serious look.

"Look, I was trying to get you up so we could meet Johnny at Starbucks and because of your foolishness..." Peter tried to continue his serious speech but instead he broke into a grin and began to laugh, "And because of you, Johnny waited for us at Starbucks for two hours!" His laugh caused Wade to straighten his back and he looked at Peter with interest. They were going to go to Starbucks?

"You are aware that if you had told me we were going to go to Starbucks I would have gotten up, right?" Wade told Peter, who was still teary-eyed from laughing way too much. Peter stopped and looked at Wade for second and suddenly they both started laughing.

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