Chapter 14

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Omg, omg, omg. I is soooo sorry I haven't updated in well like 5ever. Ughhhhhhh. I'm gonna try and write more.
{Yeah, you fucking better! I mean how else will people notice us and then discover us so we can finally get our Broadway debut!!!!}
[...Do not think you're going on Broadway...]
{Hey! I can sing!}
[Yeah, like how David Bowie thought he could act in Labyrinth]
{Excuse you! That is an 80s classic!!}
[Sure... if you like gremlins dating 12 year olds]
{Oh yeah... Yikes}
.... anyways...
[Yeah, well at least you have someone who cares about you.]


Peter's eyes widen at the sounds of voices. What had he just heard?

(Sorry, this is Rogue. I saw Wade and I'm hear to say it wasn't him who hurt you but the one who did hurt you just attacked the X-Men. They took both Wade and Professor X, thankfully I absorbed their powers before they were taken away. Please tell your parents and get the Avengers to help us. Wolverine and I are on our way to New York now.)

"Dad! Pop! The X-Men need us!" Peter exclaimed as he rapidly sat up. Peter only saw the confused look on his dad's face and heard his pop's famous words: "Avengers Assemble". He didn't know if it was due to him getting up to quick or due to something else but he felt the lights in his eyes flicker off as he drifted back into unconsciousness.
Tony was trying to understand how his son had heard anything about the X-Men as he and Steve rushed Peter home. There Cap was already making strategies to find Wade. If there was anyway to save Peter's light of his life, Cap would do it. But Tony was still perplexed. No one knew anything about since Professor X made the X-Men go undercover except Deadpool's little outburst with Francis up in Vancouver. But that had been forever ago. As he glanced back to his husband to admire his chivalrous display of leadership, the ground shook. Cap's eyes caught Tony's as the floor beneath them collapsed. Some kind of bomb had hit the tower. Both of men immediately darted to their son's unconscious body. It laid upon the bed engulfed by flames. A black drone came and snatched the body and flew out before either of them could do a thing.
"Jarvis!" Tony yelled as his suit came towards him. He proceeded to point at Cap and the suit went to save Cap.
"Tony! Don't you dar-" Cap started to say before he got knocked out by falling debris and the suit saved him. Looking around his tower, Tony could not believe it was finally all gone. The place he built, with his money; his failures; his strengths; his memories; his family; his love, was finally destroyed.
"A captain always goes down with his ship huh?" Tony muttered to himself, letting out a little chuckle, "Does this make me Jack and Cap the elderly lady?" After a couple seconds of coming to this realization, Tony started to running around his burning building.
"Well when this Jack said he will never let go, he meant it! Damn I shouldn't have destroyed all those extra suits!" Tony yelled as he ran to the Avengers kitchen and one last missile hit the Avengers tower.

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