Chapter 4

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When Peter and Wade arrived at Starbucks they were met with a Hulk-sized problem: An embarrassed, angry Human Torch. Nearby people had been taking pictures of the stood-up hero and the Starbucks cashier had uploaded a Snapchat story on the angered Human Torch (Deadpool later friended this particular Snapchat account just because of that snapchat story).

Deadpool and Spiderman were seen rushing to Starbucks. Deadpool had tried to stop at a Mexican food truck only to be pulled by a worried Spiderman. And right before Deadpool could take the first bite of his morning chimichanga, it dropped on the sidewalk. Many New Yorkers who were there at the time of the dropping of the chimichanga will tell you that they have never heard such a painful, desperate cry like the cry that came from Deadpool.

So, Spiderman had to stop and comfort his heartbroken boyfriend. He apologized, confessed his love for Deadpool, and kissed the depressed merc several times but nothing could stop the wails. It only stopped when Spiderman bought another chimichanga.

Because of this incident, the couple arrived three hours late. Deadpool fell onto his chair since he was exhausted and depressed (he had only gotten to eat one chimichanga). Spiderman, on the other hand, sat straight and gave Human Torch his full attention in the hopes that Human Torch would forgive them. This hope was immediately crushed.

"What the fuck Webhead!" Human Torch yelled. This sudden outburst caused the sleepy Deadpool to fall out of his chair. In the mist of trying to recover his fall, Deadpool had shouted 'Yes mommy dearest'. Spiderman tried his best to hold in his laughter but both Human Torch and Deadpool could hear giggles coning from behind Spiderman's mask.

Human Torch's face quickly turned red with jealousy. Deadpool, noticing the jealousy, leaned in towards his fiancé and kissed the embarrassed wall crawler. He then shifted his attention towards Human Torch.

"I'm sorry about yesterday," Deadpool said in an upbeat, happy voice. His fake smile pierced through Johnny's heart.
{But we're not sorry. He is a fucking asshole for liking our Spideykins.}
[Of course we are not sorry. We are lying, idiot. And you can't blame Johnny. Spiderman is adorable.]
{Yeah, but he is OURS!!!!!!!!}
At that moment, Spiderman excused himself and headed to the bathroom. Deadpool watched him until he was out of sight. As soon as that happened, Deadpool faced Human Torch and became serious.

"I meant every word I said yesterday and you should probably listen unless you want to be frozen to the bone," Deadpool growled. Human Torch scoffed lightly but his lack of eye contact told Deadpool the warning was received.

Spiderman came back in time to see Human Torch scoff and roll his eyes. Thinking this was in response to Deadpool's apology, Spiderman spoke up as he sat down.

"Please Johnny just drop it already," he said as he pulled up his mask up enough to expose his pink chapped lips. He began to drink his coffee that he had in front of him. He jumped back slightly in his seat as he dropped his coffee.

"Damn it! Dat coffee burnt my tongue!" Spiderman cried out. Deadpool bursted out laughing while Human Torch contained his laughter (this resulted in him having a big smirk on his face). Spiderman's cheeks turned red from embarrassment. "You guys would habe done deh same! Deh coffee was really hot!"

"Yeah, I bet it was hot... But not as hot as you babe," Deadpool whispered as he leaned towards Spiderman. Underneath the table the crazed merc's hand was moving near Spiderman's leg. Spiderman's spidey sense noticed this movement and he slapped Deadpool before the hand could touch his leg. Deadpool rubbed his slapped cheek and shot Spiderman a glare (Yes, Deadpool can shoot glares through his mask). Deadpool was about to respond when the floor caved in.

Deadpool's hearing temporally became impaired as he heard a high-pitch noise. The explosion had come from below and right before he blacked out, he saw a mute, terrified Spiderman screaming his name as he fell down... down into a black abyss.

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