Pride and Prejudice

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A/N-This takes place in rural New York. For plot reasons, Maya will be Riley's sister and Missy will be her friend. Ava will also be Riley's sister.


The day I met Lucas Friar was the best and worst day of my life. He was in the New York countryside for his friend Farkle's wedding. Farkle was marrying Smackle, a good friend of our family.

They had an engagement party, and my mother was intent on marrying Maya and me off. So when Lucas came to town with Josh, my mother had her heart set on Maya marrying Josh.

When they arrived at the party, it was clear that Josh only had his eyes on Maya. They danced a few dances and eventually, Maya brought me over to the friends.

"Riley, this is Josh and Lucas." Maya said.

We bowed to each other in greeting and Lucas and I just stared at each other. He looked bored with the whole thing.

"Josh when can we leave? I have some paperwork to fill out." He asked.

"Friar, we've been here for all but one hour. Stay for a while longer. Maybe go dancing?" Josh replied.

"Perhaps one dance. There seem to be no partners available." He said.

"How about you dance with Riley?" Josh said, motioning to me. I nodded solemnly.

"Like I said, there aren't any good partners available."

I laughed dryly. "I'm sure you'll find a partner here somewhere, excuse me." I walked away, fuming.

For the next week, Maya found herself over with Josh. One day, my mother invited one of her sister's husband's friend's children over for a week. His name was Charlie and he was very rich. Dinner the first night was unbearable.

Charlie chewed very loudly, and only talked about himself. I rolled my eyes and only gave simple one word answers.

"And who is the brunette girl?" Charlie asked smoothly. He knew my name, and I was sure he just wanted me to speak.

"Riley." I said simply and coldly.

"Riley." He smiled. "What a pretty name."

"Thank you." I said, sharper then I intended.

The next night was worse than the first. Lucas and Josh were over for dinner, and the group was the worst combination ever. "Riley, would you get me some water?" Charlie asked. There was a pitcher of it next to him and he never raised his glass.

"Your glass seems to be full." I said irritably. Lucas choked a laugh into a cough and smiled at his plate. Charlie, taking notice, refused to speak of anything but his job, house, and money.

Fed up, I was the first to volunteer to help with the dishes. Most everyone begged me to stay up with them talking. I claimed a headache, and went to bed early.

The next day, Maya, Ava, Missy, and I went into town, needing ribbon and fabric for dresses. Walking quickly through the crowd of people marveling at the soldiers, I must have dropped my handkerchief, because a few seconds later, I was stopped by a solider.

I couldn't deny he was handsome, and he looked to be my age, maybe a little older. "Ma'am you dropped your handkerchief." He said.

"Thank you. Riley Matthews." I said, curtsying.

"Xander Wickham."

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