Gone Part 2

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Riley sat in the back of her new classroom, bored. Her father wasn't her teacher and her new teacher was strict and boring. She sighed sketching the notes she had to copy.

Finally the bell rang, and Riley was out of the classroom first. Opening her locker she grabbed her backpack and stuffed her books inside and caught a bus home.

Riley finished her homework and went to bed, falling into that routine as two, three, four days passed. It all changed the fifth day though.

When she got home a letter was waiting for her.

There was a note from Farkle, Lucas, and Maya.

Dear Riles,

It's weird not stopping to pick you up in the morning. Everything feels dull without you here. Lucas is way more... shabby since you left. He always has dark circles under his eyes and his hair is messed up. You need to talk to him. He feels betrayed. Love you. Xx, Maya.

Riley had tears in her eyes and trying to blink them back as she reached for Farkle's letter.

Riley my wife,

I'm not going to take over the world now. There's no point if I can't do it with ALL my friends. I miss you, Farkle.

Riley smiled weakly but more tears threatened to spill. She reached for Lucas's letter, that she saved for last.


I can't stop thinking about you. You're always in my thoughts and I- I miss you. There are no words or any amount for how much I miss you. It's not the same and I'm worried and scared that I'm going to be Texas Me. Maya is breaking more quickly now. She's lost hope and Farkle is always studying. I love you Riley and I didn't realize it until after you left. And I can't stand the fact that you're thousands of miles away and if you need help I can't get to you. I love you so so much, Riley.

By the end of Lucas's letter, Riley was crying, her tears fell and made the ink blurry, but she didn't care. Lucas loved her. And Riley loved him right back.


Crap ending? I think yes. Sorry. Thanks for reading, Love you all!☀️

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