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Riley stood at the dance floor at her wedding reception dancing with her husband for the first time. The reception was outside and otherwise would have been freezing. Oddly enough, no one was cold. The staff said they would turn on the heat lamps, and we're taking forever. Yet no one complained.

The song slowly ended, leaving Riley flushed with embarrassment knowing she would have to kiss Lucas. He only smirked at her and leaned in. Soon they kissed and cheers sounded around them.

Lucas danced with his mother and Riley joined her father at the dance floor. "Riley?" He asked her.

"Yes Daddy?" Riley asked.

"I guess your no longer my little girl." He smiled, tears in his eyes.

"I'll always be your little girl." Riley smiled.

The song ended and everyone applauded. Soon everyone went in for toasts, champagne, and cake. Maya went first.

"Riley, I know you love Ranger Rick.... And I know he loves you. You are amazing together. He treats you like the Princess you are. I remember what you told you told me the night you went on your third date. You texted me to come to your bay window and I was mad. But I forgave you because you're my best friend. When I got there you told me: 'I just went on my third date with the man I think I will marry'. So now that you've finally got your happily ever after, I just have one thing to say. Ring Power, Ring Power forever." Maya had tears of happiness and everyone took sips of champagne. "Oh and also if you hurt her, I will break you Huckleberry." Everyone laughed at that.

Soon Zay started his speech. It was short, but said everything that needed to be said. "Lucas, bro. You found a girl! She was Cotton Candy Face. Now she's your Princess. Take care of her. And Riley? Don't let him turn into what he was." Everyone drank and cheered.

Lucas stood up. "I know Riley didn't have anything prepared, and I wanted to surprise her. So this is a little something I prepared. Riley knows I'm not good with words, but this is my best shot. I met her on a subway. She stool my moment. She surprises me in the biggest ways with the littlest things. She keeps me surfaced. There isn't anyone I would trade for her. You're my Princess. Always and forever. I love you Riley."

Riley had tears of happiness in her eyes and everyone sipped the last of their champagne.

Everyone danced for a long while, soon people left until there was only about fifty people. There was a girl who couldn't be more than fourteen wandering around aimlessly. "Excuse me." Riley said to Lucas and some of the people she was talking to. She walked over to the girl. "Hi!" Riley said.

"Hi." The girl smiled. "I'm Grace."

"I'm Riley." Riley said.

"I know who you are. No one here doesn't."

"But who are you?" Riley asked, smiling.

"I already told you. Grace, Grace Friar."

"Lucas never mentioned you." Riley said softly.

"And why would he? I'm only his little, childish cousin."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. I'm only one person."

They stayed silent for while.

"Do you have a Lucas?" Riley asked.

"Huh?" Grace said, confused.

"A Lucas. Don't you have a someone?"

"No... There is a guy I like though. His name is Peyton. He's really cute, and is nice to me. We talk everyday. No one could ever be as great as Lucas."

"Don't ever give up hope on you two. I didn't, look where we are now."

"Do you love him?" Grace asked carefully.

"More than anything, but I'm only here because I had hope. Don't lose it."

"I won't. Thank you Riley." Grace said smiling.

"You're welcome."


"Alright everybody, this is the last dance of the night. For the couples!" The DJ announced.

Many couples took the floor, including Maya and Josh, Farkle and Smackle, Cory and Topanga, Zay and Vanessa.

Everyone danced. Riley caught sight of Grace standing on the side, her eyes shining, Riley noticed a longing in them. She saw Maya and Josh open their arms for her. Grace walked over to them and they danced like a mini family.


Finally Riley and Lucas went home. By the time they were settled into bed, it was 3 am.

A tear ran down Riley's cheek. "Princess why are you crying?" Lucas asked.

"I feel like I've lost something. My childhood, my friends, I don't know what to do or where to go.." Riley cried.

"Wherever you go, I'll be there with you." Lucas kissed her.

Happily Ever After.


Since it is Cory and Topanga's wedding anniversary, I felt the need for a wedding story. Thanks for reading guys! Love all my sunnies☀️

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