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Healing Hearts ✅ by JoshayaShipper4Ever
Healing Hearts ✅by Lizzie Matthews
♡ Rucas AU ♡ When Riley's brother dies and her mom gets a job offer in Texas it seems like the perfect opportunity to start over. Little does Riley know that the house h...
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The girl of his dreams. |Rucas/Lucas/Riley. by RucasUpdates
The girl of his dreams. |Rucas/ Claudia
What happens when the guy that's broken more hearts then he can count, gets hit by a speeding car and he falls into a coma. What if he thinks he's woken up and finally...
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Lucas and Riley Pregnancy and their life together by KimberlyCarter6
Lucas and Riley Pregnancy and Kimberly Carter
I haven't done one of these in a long while hope you like it!
spooky Halloween rucas one shots By Haley Alexis  by purplehales
spooky Halloween rucas one shots HaleyAlexis
this will be about Halloween I hope you enjoyed
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little red riley hood • liley by peneIopes
little red riley hood • lileyby aiko
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Girl Meets World Cutest Couples by lily56b
Girl Meets World Cutest Couplesby lily56b
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Landing on you ; Rucas by issywonderland
Landing on you ; Rucasby Kyrstyn :)
(used to be called conversations) "If you're land on the right person to talk to." -Riley Matthews Riley and Lucas really didn't have an easy sta...
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One Night Rucas by rucasforeverlove
One Night Rucasby rucasforeverlove
One Night One Night was All It took for Riley and Lucas World to be turned upside down One Night full Of Love Drinks and Mistakes One Night that Will change their lives...
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Rucas|One Shots by RucasHeart
Rucas|One Shotsby \]
A collection of short stories about Rucas.
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My moment | Rucas by joshayababe
My moment | Rucasby joshayababe
After the beautiful couple of Riley and Lucas get married their interesting conversations will take you to be a very sad little woman because you don't have this kind of...
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The Bad Boy Stole  my diary Rucas By Haley Alexis  by purplehales
The Bad Boy Stole my diary HaleyAlexis
Riley always wrote in her diary it was a special gift given to her from her father but what happens when one night she looks under her not so secret hiding spot and reve...
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Fearfall  by caeli6449
Fearfall by Caeliwrites
{completed} Follow Maya and Riley through a tough friendship and what seems like an impossible new start. See the ups and downs they face and what they lose in return. T...
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Girl Meets Rucas by _babixdiana
Girl Meets Rucasby Diana🥳
"Hey Maya. How was your day?" I ask her "It was fine, How was yours?" She asks me. "It was ok. I mean I called off the date with Lucas, so he's...
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Welcome To The Masquerade by unifandoms
Welcome To The Masqueradeby moooriel
- [ COMPLETED. BOOK 2 IS TURN BACK TIME ~ A Rucas [ Girl Meets World ] fanfiction. - Kind of like a cinderella story.
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Electrified | A Rucas Fanfiction [ reediting ? ] by afangirldream
Electrified | A Rucas Fanfiction [ | jingle |
*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚ Apparently, most couples have fallen in love by the spark they have. But the spark can be lighted, or it can be stronger. It can be...
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Compel Me Rucas by iloverucasandzaya
Compel Me Rucasby Rucaspromiseismysister
The promise that Love could be Eternal There's Nothing More I could Ever want other than for It to Last forever But It can't Girl Meets the Vampire Diaries Yes It's a c...
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Texting Lucas by linasmith213
Texting Lucasby lina Smith
In this story Lucas gets drunk at a bar and stats texting Riley randomly. Lucas is also a famous singer in this story. Their love story starts soon after they first meet.
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Reasons To Ship Rucas by RiverdaleMeetsWorld
Reasons To Ship Rucasby » Jughead Jones «
~Reasons To Ship Rucas~ Pretty self explanatory to be honest, it is what it is. If you ship something other than rucas I highly recommend you don't read is unless you a...
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Walk Through Life (A Rucas Fanfiction) by silver-nights
Walk Through Life (A Rucas silver-nights
Riley, Lucas, Maya, and Farkle are in 8th grade. Everything is normal, until March 21, the first day of spring, is seen on the calendar. It's when the smallest things be...
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