Just For Josh

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Riley shoved her laptop away. She had finished eight episodes of Ashley The Astronaut. Maya was out with Lucas, the boy she had liked forever.

"Riley Matthews, you've been in here four hours. Go do something. Hang out with Maya." Cory told her.

"She's out with Lucas." Riley replied sadly.

"But I thought you two had an unofficial thing going?" Cory asked.

"Apparently not that serious."

"Okay, Farkle?"

"Smackle." Riley grumbled.


"Ballet." (Zay and his ballet XD)

"Hmmm." Cory thought out loud.

"Hmm." Riley replied.

They sat there for a couple minutes before Josh walked in. "My brother!" Josh said.

"My brotha!" Cory replied.

"Wait." Josh said. "Something's different." Josh said looking around. "Where's Maya?" He looked to Riley.

"Lucas." Riley replied bitterly.

"She's dating Lucas?" Josh asked and Riley nodded. She saw something pass his face, but it was gone as quickly as it came.

"Sup weirdos." Maya said coming thorough the window. "Ex-Boing." Maya said taking notice of Josh.

"Traitor." Riley sniffed at Maya. "Could this be because I'm dating Lucas?" Maya replied.

"I'm just gonna go." Josh said sneaking out. Cory soon followed him.

"You're dating Lucas." Riley snapped.

"You don't think I have a reason like last time?" Maya asked.

"Wait. You have a reason."

"Did you tell Josh that I was dating Lucas?"


"How did he react?" Maya asked her.

"He, he looked... Jealous. Wait you wanted to make Josh jealous?!"

Maya nodded. "Wait so can I..?" Riley asked.

"Go!" Maya laughed.


Riley practically ran to Topanga's and met Lucas there. As soon as she saw him she gave him a hug. They sat down together. "Why didn't you tell me?" Riley asked. "The less people that know it's fake, the more believable it is." Lucas said.

"I know. But it made me feel betrayed."

"I won't ever betray you again Riley Matthews."


I HAVENT UPDATED IN FOREVER! FORGIVE ME! So the Texas promo has come out. Do you want me to write a Texas-thing? Let me know! Thanks for reading! Love all my sunnies!☀️

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