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I close my eyes at the end of the day.

Riley Matthews tossed and turned in her bed. She threw her covers off of her, shivered, then pulled them back on, and felt herself warm up way too much.

Nothing seems to be going my way.

Lucas Friar tossed and turned in his bed, unbearably guilty. All because of a dog. He put his dog out of his room because it kept making too much noise. To add to the horribleness, it started to rain. The rain slapped against his window and thunder clapped. If he had trouble before, this was way worse.

Sometimes I'm scared I won't wake up.

Riley groaned. Now it was raining. Thunder boomed suddenly and made her jump. Heart racing, she pulled her covers over her head. Fear seared through her veins and her breaths came quickly.

Blame it on my mood.

Lucas groaned angrily. He might as well stay up the whole night, how this was going. His dog scratched at his door, wanting to be let in. He put his pillow over his head, but the sound remained. Note to self. He thought, Get soundproof pillows.

I've tried it all.

Riley put her hand under her pillow till she found what she was looking for. Her phone. She picked it up, and searched her contacts for the number and dialed. A voice on the other end picked up. "Hello?"

Sleep won't ever come to me.

My phone buzzed on Lucas's nightstand and he picked it up. "Hello?" Lucas asked. A quiet voice on the other end answered. "Lucas...?"

Riley. "Hi! Um hi, hey. Why are you calling?"  Lucas asked.

A silence.

"I couldn't sleep."  She said softly.

"No kidding." Lucas mumbled. "Me either."

"No kidding." Riley echoed.

They talked for hours about random stuff. Basically whatever came to mind.

"Riley?" Lucas asked into the phone.

"Yeah?" She said.

"Sleep didn't come to me. I won't be getting any now."

"Why?" Riley asked.

"It's 6:00." Lucas smiled.

"Well I'll see you at school." Riley said. "And we can talk more."

Lucas smiled before hanging up. "I'd like that."


I need a Lucas in my life. Seriously. Hope you enjoyed this one shot! Thanks for reading! Love all my Sunnies!☀️

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