Harry Potter, Beyoncè, And Chocolate

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Riley wandered around, looking for a table at lunch, Maya was in detention and Farkle was having a study session.

Finally picking a table, she sat down alone. Riley sighed, she started eating her chicken pot pie, but it all seemed bland and tasteless. She smiled anyway.

"Is this seat taken?" A voice behind her asked.

"No." Riley muttered.

"Now what's happened to this Ray of Sunshine?"

Riley looked behind her and smiled even more. "Lucas! I thought you were in Texas."

"No. I left a day early to surprise you." Riley stood up and hugged him, he sat down next to her with his sloppy joe. (A little sort of Lucaya there. Sorry I had to. Shoutout to you guys XD)

"Tell me about you." Lucas said, interrupting Riley's thoughts again. What is it with this boy and interrupting?

"Uh. What do you want to know?"

"Anything about yourself."

"Okay well, I love Harry Potter, Beyoncé, and Chocolate."

"Which is your favorite book?"

"Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone."

"Which one is that?" Lucas smiled, embarrassed.

"The first one. I also love dogs, but you already know that. I'm very insecure and shy."

"Shy? You?"

Riley nodded. "You think when I go introduce myself to someone I'm not shy or in the least bit scared? Anyway, when I'm older I'd like to be a social worker."

"That's cool. Do you want to go see a movie tonight?" Lucas asked.

"What movie?"

"There's one in the park and I'm not telling you." He smirked.

Riley smiled.


"How about this?"

"Mmmm... You could do better."

Maya and Riley were searching through Riley's closet for her third 'date' with Lucas.

"Okay, last one." Riley turned around.

"Perfect." Maya smiled.

They sat at the bay window.

"Peaches?" Riley asked.

"Wacko?" Maya answered.

"I'm nervous. What if we can't talk again? What if he loses interest in me? What if-" Riley was cut off by Maya.

"Sweetheart, there's nothing to be afraid of. It's Lucas we're talking about. Lucas. Huckleberry. Ranger Rick. Sundance."

Riley took a deep breath. "Okay I'm ready. Which shoes match nerves?"


When Lucas picked her up, he was playing Survivor by Beyoncè. How ironic.

"Hey Princess." Lucas said while she entered the car, but after that. They didn't talk much. Riley frantically texted Maya.


She replied almost immediately.

Don't panic. Is he playing music?

Yeah. Why?

Jam to the music.

Riley sighed but started to hum along to the song and soon she started singing.

Lucas looked over at her and smiled, he was so in love with this quirky girl.


"You brought me to see Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone?" Riley asked.



They sat on the blanket and the movie started. Lucas passed her some chocolate and Riley laughed. He really brought everything she loved. Riley leaned her head on his shoulder and he wrapped his arm around her.

Lucas kissed her temple and she kissed him.

Riley is Smiley Riley.

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