Girl Meets Texas-Part 1

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"Lucas this isn't a good idea!" Riley said.

"I'll be fine, Princess. I rode bulls all the time back in Texas." Lucas reassured Riley.

"What's Hop-a-long doing to get you so twisted Riles?" Maya asked coming up to the two.

"I will ride Tombstone the bull." Lucas stated proudly.

"Are you out of your mind?" Maya asked.

"Do it." Riley said.

"What?" Lucas said.

"Do it. You seem so sure if yourself Ranger Rick." Riley snapped before storming away, Maya followed her.


The bull bucked and kicked but Lucas held on. Riley stood behind the fence watching with worry as the seconds ticked away. 10,9,8, Eight seconds left. Riley held her breath. 5,4,3....

Then the bull jumped, suddenly and quickly. Lucas fell off, hitting the ground with a sickening thump and everything was silent.

Riley's heartbeat pulsed in her ears as she jumped the fence running to him. "LUCAS!" She screamed, reaching his side.

"Wake up! Wake up..." She whispered her voice thick with tears.

An earsplitting shriek of a siren broke the silence. They loaded him onto a stretcher and a nurse came up to Riley.

"Do you know where his family is?" She asked kindly.

"Th-they're at his house. Can I ri-ride in the ambulance instead?"
Riley hiccuped.

The nurse smiled. "I shouldn't. But I'm a rebel."

Riley climbed onto the ambulance and took Lucas's hand.

"Lucas Friar, you are going to be j-just fine. You hear me? We're all going to be just fine. Just fine..."


So a Texas thing was requested so here I am! This is going to be a three parter just like the episodes. Also, I was nervous for no reason while writing this. Oh well.... *evil smile. The first part is going to be short just to get the story started. Thanks for reading! I love all my sunnies☀️

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