Cleaning Up

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"Do you need help closing up or a ride home?" Topanga asked her daughter as she grabbed her coat.

Riley turned around, picking up a glass. "No. I've got it. Besides, Maya, Lucas, and Josh are coming over for the planning."

Topanga smiled. "Okay, I love you." She kissed her cheek and walked out.

Riley continued cleaning up until she felt a pair of hands cover her eyes.

"Guess who?" A voice teased.

"I wonder who it is?" Riley joked. "How ya doing Lucas?" He took his hands off her eyes and she pecked his lips. Riley continued clearing the tables.

"What time are Maya and Josh arriving?" Lucas asked following her.

"Sometime after six." Riley said, setting down the box of dishes and looking at the clock.

Lucas walked over behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, burying is face into her neck. "You're wearing the vanilla perfume." He mumbled, breathing it in.

Riley smiled and turned around to kiss him. "Okay, as much as I would love to keep kissing you, I have to finish cleaning before Maya and Josh get here."

"Maya and Josh can wait." He groaned.

So she went to the kitchen to wash dishes they couldn't put in the dishwasher. She was almost finished when Lucas and grabbed the stretchy faucet and sprayed it all over her.

"Lucas!" She screamed as he laughed. "What the hell?!" He stopped.

"Riley I'm so sorry. Are you okay?" Lucas asked, concerned.

"Fine." She mattered, walking over to him and kissing him. He put his hands on her waist and she ran her fingers through his hair. "But I could be better." Riley whispered into his ear.

"Oh yeah?" Lucas smirked. "How?"

"By doing this." She then grabbed the faucet and started spraying him.

Soon, they were both soaked. Riley set down the faucet and wrapped her arms around his neck. "You okay now?" Lucas murmured into her ear.

"Absolutely perfect." Riley said kissing him.


This one is kinda short, and I wanted to continue it, but I didn't know what to add. If you guys wanted, I could continue it, but for now I want to thank you all for reading! I love all of my Sunnies☀️

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