Kiss Her

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Riley lays on the hospital bed. Her eyes are closed and her legs and arms are limp. Lucas sits next to her and takes her hand. It's cold and small next to his.

He wonders how only twenty-four hours ago they were laughing and talking without a care in the world. He stands up to leave. Unable to see his reason for living in so much pain.


"I love you Lucas" Riley said to Lucas as they left Topanga's.

"I love you too." He whispered into her ears, sending shivers down her spine. She kissed his cheek.

"You can't do better than that." He whined as they arrived at her house, he grabbed her by the waist and kissed her deeply. He held her close to him as if she would slip through his fingers.

"Goodnight Princess," Lucas said to her as she walked in the door, "I love you."

Riley smiled when she heard those words. A promise, something to be kept forever.


The second time Lucas visited Riley, Maya was with him. He immediately sat down by her and took her hand in his. Warmer than last time, but still cold. He pressed his lips to her fingers.

"You really love her." Maya observed.

"More than anything." He replied.

"What would you give for her to wake up?"

"Anything." He whispered.

"You should try and kiss her like she's Sleeping Beauty." Maya said, trying to make him laugh.

"That won't work." He said, but laughed a little bit.

"Try." Maya smiled, coming up behind him.

"Hmm?" Lucas asked her.

"Try. We've got nothing to lose." Maya urged.

Lucas leaned over Riley and touched his lips to hers. It's was a feather of a kiss, but made Lucas feel as if he was flying. Slowly, he sat back down.

Riley's eyes fluttered open. "Lucas?" She whispered.

Lucas looked at her and his face lit up. "Riley?"

Riley nodded and Lucas kissed her again.

Everything was fine again.

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