Birthday Kiss

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A knock sounded at Riley's window. She opened it to see her boyfriend, Lucas, smiling at her. He crawled in and hugged her.

"Happy birthday 18th, Princess." He whispered.

Riley smiled, "Thanks. What did you get me?"

"What makes you think I got you anything?" Lucas teased.

"Where is it?!" Riley joked back.

"Fine, but..." Lucas replied smirking.

"What?" Riley questioned.

"It's gonna cost a kiss."

Riley gave Lucas a peck on the lips and asked: "Now can I have my present?"

"You can do better than that." Lucas smiled.

This time Riley kissed him long and deep. It was passionate and full of hope.

Riley opened the present to find a heart locket. She opened it to see the words "Will you (No he's not proposing. XD Yet...) go to Paris with me."

She looked up to see Lucas with a hopeful expression. "Remember when I spoke French to you in Art class?" Lucas asked.

"Yeah, I didn't know what you were saying..." Riley trailed off.

"I said maybe one day you and I will go to Paris together. I thought maybe we could go now."

"Yes I will go to Paris with you!" Riley shrieked.


When they were in Paris, Lucas proposed to Riley. They got married a year-and-a-half later. Then they lived happily ever after.

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