Chapter Twenty-One

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"Olivier Coté in my bed, doesn't that remind me of the old days" I hear Daley say when I come out of my room. I run my fingers through my hair and make my way over to him. "What's that supposed to mean?" I grin. "Oh, morning, Bev. He used to sleep in my dorm all the time." Oli comes out of the room and wiggles his eyebrows. "Sure did, baby girl." Daley raises one eyebrow. "Don't you say that to me." Oli grins and messes up Daley's hair before putting on his shirt. "Am I still asleep or are you saying you two had a thing?" I question in confusion. Daley and Oli just laugh and Daley disappears into his room.

It sounds interesting but I give up on it for now to make some breakfast. "Coffee?" I offer Oli and he nods, sitting down at the table. "If that's how it works here in the morning, I may sleep over a little more often" he grins. "Only on Saturdays ... and not even every Saturday so don't get too excited" I smirk and he shrugs. "There's food too, right?" "Yes and since you were such a doll last night, do you want eggs or waffles?" "Oooo, how do I make that decision? Daley, sweetheart?" he shouts and Daley laughs from his room. "Yes, boo?" "Waffles or eggs?" "Is Bev cooking?" "You bet!" "You eggs, me waffles" Daley announces as he comes striding back out of his room. He sits down too as I stand in front of the stove. I turn around and look at Daley.

"Why didn't you bring Helen?" I ask. "She's gotta work. Had an early shift." "Why did you sleep over there then?" Oli wonders. Daley just grins and wiggles his eyebrows so I turn away again and he just laughs. "No way, dude" Oli says and I look over my shoulder to see Oli declining Daley's attempted high five. He turns and I shake my head. "Don't even bother" I laugh. Oli grins. "Any plans today?" Daley wonders once he's gotten over our rejection. I shake my head. "Not yet. I may call Melanie and ask her if she wants to go for coffee so we can talk about last night. And I should probably work on some of the homework I let my class hand in. You?" Daley shakes his head. "Nothing so far either. Hey, was everything alright last night?" I shrug it off. "Yeah, it's fine." "No, it's not fine" Oli jumps in. "That asshole, Remford, he's insane." "Oli, no need to get into it again." "Bev, he used you. He can't just do that. You don't need him." I sigh. "Actually, I do. And I'd rather not be reminded of it." "What did he do?" Daley asks. I sigh.

He looks at me but I shake my head. Oli takes that as his call. "I'll tell you what he did!" he snaps like a white girl. "As soon as he realised Bev wasn't going to be strung up like his puppet, it was obvious that he was just using her to seem like the kind-hearted person that he clearly isn't! I'm sorry but he can't just get away with that." Daley looks at me. "Is that true?" "He's ashamed of me, I told you he didn't really like me." Daley sighs, looking at me with that face that implies that he doesn't want me to let something get to me. "It doesn't matter though" I say, turning away again. "We need him for the investment and I made a deal with him that as long as I keep his true personality to myself, he'll keep sponsoring us. But I know he's gonna make it hard for us." "Then we bust him!" Oli says. "We won't do anything" I stop him. "This is my thing and mine alone, I don't want Mel to hear a word of it and I have to deal with this by myself. I appreciate that you were there for me last night and everything but this is my fight." "You should've told me to stay and I would have been there too!" Daley pouts. "Hey, I didn't want to ruin your night too." "You didn't ruin my night" Oli protests. "Guys! It's enough. You two are great and Mason is a piece of shit. Now that we've established that, does anybody want breakfast?"

After breakfast and a shower, I decide to come around Oli's place and hang there for a while until Melanie tells me if she wants to go for coffee. We get into his apartment building and the door next to his flat opens as soon as he starts fiddling with the keys. "Olivier, boy, I've got your mail, the mail man couldn't be bothered again" the elderly neighbor says and Oli fixes the glasses on his face before smiling and taking the letters the old man is handing him. "Thanks, Karl" he replies and holds the door open for me. I give an awkward wave to Karl, then enter Oli's apartment. He follows me, then closes the door behind us, not looking up but going through the mail.

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