Chapter 1

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Tomorrow would be the mark of 200 years. It was time for our current Alpha King Dixon to step down and hand over his title to someone he thinks is worthy of the Alpha title since he didn't have children himself. This is no joke considering who ever he picks will be ruling every wolf in Europe and basically carry the world on his shoulders. Someone smart and strong needs to rule Europe. To everyone around the world who wasn't supernatural would think he was the king or president of some kind in Europe but to werewolves he was so much more. And you know what they say every King needs a Queen.

In my town Wernigerode Germany all she-wolves were practicing their combat, dancing, gymnastics, singing, and their other skills to show to the new Alpha in hope to become the next Luna or Queen. I am that exception. I was currently helping the males set up the stage where everyone would perform, I'm planning to wing it when my name is called up to perform. Becoming the Queen didn't catch my attention like others who were paying hundreds maybe thousands for a dress to wear tomorrow to impress the new Alpha King.

Hours later...The stage was finally ready, the blue lights were positioned, and the chairs were put out. I got off the ground feeling my sweat trickle down my back and stretched my hand out to help my best friend James get up so we could catch up with another friend of mine Anna who was practicing her combat skills on a punching bag.

"Hey Anna I'm going home to watch Man of Steel with James wanna join?" I said showing my puppy face.

"I thought we were going to watch Interstellar Janess( Nickname)"James whined.

"Well I lied we'll watch it after anyway come on Anna pleaseeee" I said exaggeratingly falling to my knees in a begging position.

"I can't I have to keep practicing for the New Alpha!" She squealed.

Rolling my eyes I got off the ground swiping off the dirt from my knees I said,

"Fine but don't come crying to me when you don't get picked and when you don't I'm forcing you to watch all the seasons of supernatural with me" I said triumphantly.

"That's not fair Janess that'll take like days maybe weeks to watch all 10 seasons"Anna said.

"Life's not fair" I dead panned.

Anna huffed,"Fine but if he chooses me were watching Game of Thrones" she said smugly.

Dammit I thought that's the only show I don't like, of course she would do that!

"Alright I guess but Anna you don't even know how the guy looks like for all you know he could be 80 years old!" I said giving her a disapproving look.

"Well I guess we'll find out tomorrow" She said winking.

"Do you have anything to say James" I said hinting him to back me up.

But Anna gave him her glare of death telling him otherwise.

"I-I well you know it 11pm right now I think I'm going to sleep" James said backing up.

"Whatever I guess I'm just going to take a shower and go to bed, see you guys tomorrow" I said with a salute forgetting about watching man of steel. And said goodbye to a couple of other people before I left.

I got home in about 5 minutes with my vampire speed, it was a full moon night and most people were in their homes sleeping already so I was sure no one had saw me. Wolfs can run fast but not as fast as vampires. Lucky me I was both. I quickly took a shower and went to bed, I had to get up early tomorrow to double check the sounds and all that other great stuff. I was genuinely curious to know how the new Alpha King looked like, I mean he was going to be our Alpha for the next 200 years I was entitled to my curiosity. I wondered if he would be a good Alpha because rumors were spreading saying the Ex-Alpha King had chose someone ruthless. But then again rumors were rumors. And quickly I started to doze off with questions in my mind.


Hi Guys!!!!

I hope you enjoyed the first chapter. It's short but I didn't want to do to much on the first chapter the second chapter will be longer don't worry.

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