3 Months Later

It's been nearly three months since I put my mother on a one way flight back to the states. Thankfully I haven't seen or heard from her, which frankly, is no skin off my back. I know for a fact that Harry has been silently keeping tabs on her, and whether its for his peace of mind or not, I don't know. I know he is hoping to catch her in the act of breaking the parameters we set so he can make good on this threat, but Priscilla is a leach. She will find a loophole anywhere and she will weasel her way through it any way she can. She has always been like that and I wouldn't expect her to change her ways because she was feeling threatened.

Harry and I lay in our bed, talking about possible baby names for future kids when I happen to glance at the clock. Its almost midnight and anyone in the house can clearly hear what's taking place in Zayn and Perrie's bedroom. I glance up at Harry with half a smirk on my face and shortly after we both burst into laughter. Perrie is currently 9 months pregnant with Cherokee and she could literally be here any day now, but those two can't seem to control their libidos long enough to realize that sex during this stage of pregnancy could potentially induce labor. As soon as Harry and I stop giggling for a moment, we hear a scream come from Perrie.

I'm the first to jump from our bed and throw on a pair of Harry's boxers and one of his shirts before hightailing it into Zayn and Perrie's bedroom. "What is it? What's the matter?" I ask in a panic.

Zayn is on his knees in front of Perrie at the foot of the bed while Perrie lays a hand on her stomach and rests against the pillows. Harry comes in behind me and stops, both of us waiting for an answer.

"I am in so much pain! I...I think there is something wrong!" Perrie wails. Zayn looks like a ghost. His face is pale and he is silent as he just stares at his pregnant girlfriend.

"Um, okay, Zayn, let me take a look, go with Harry." Zayn gets off the bed without another word and stands silently next to Harry. I move to the foot of the bed and when I look up at Perrie, I notice the massive wet spot on the bed.

"Boys, I need your help. I need one of you to go run a warm bath. Don't fill the tub completely, just enough to cover her stomach." Zayn nods and runs from the room while Harry waits for me.

I climb up onto the bed so I'm in front of Perrie and her face is scrunched up in pain. I have to make sure these aren't just Braxton-Hicks and that she truly is in labor.

Because I am so busy with Perrie, I hardly notice that Eleanor, Louis, Liam, Sophia, Niall, and Zayn are all standing next to Harry, wondering what the hell is happening.

"Zayn, I need you and Harry to carefully carry Perrie to the bath and set her in it gently. Once she is in, Zayn, you help her undress completely, and you will be putting shorts on and getting in behind her to sit with her." The boys nod and move over to either side of the bed to see what the easiest way to carry her will be.

Perrie and Zayn had opted to do a home water birth because they didn't want any drugs and Perrie didn't want to be in the hospital, nor did Zayn want her there.

Another agonizing scream came from Perrie as she had another contraction while the boys carried her to the tub.

"What can we do to help?" Louis asked with a smile. I returned it and gave it a second thought.

"Eleanor, Louis, call Perrie's midwife and tell her Perrie is in labor. Her water has broke, but contractions haven't actually started yet. She's in the bath and practicing her breathing techniques." Both of them nod and leave the room to go downstairs.

Liam and Sophia are standing in front of me and I have to remember to keep a clear mind so I can help Perrie. "Liam, I want you to call the hospital, St. Bartholomew's, ask for Dr. Melanie Wright, give her Perrie's same information and ask them to dispatch an ambulance to our address if needed." Liam nods and runs to get his cell phone from his bedroom while Sophia waits for me. "Sophia, I'm going to need the following items: Gloves, scissors, clothespins, lots of towels, gauze, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, and a few hair ties." Sophia nods and rushes to grab the supplies.

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