Like An Idiot *Chapter 8*

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#WARNING : Typos everywhere




"Do you remember when our friends in the class playing in river beside our school? That's when my first kiss happen, you know... with a girl I know, who always play with me, my first friend, and everything for me", Karma look at (Your name).

(Your name) just blanking with surprised face. She become silents and the face of wondering is appear on her face.

"Who's that?", (Your name) asked with innocent face.

"Is this girl that stupid?!", Karma murmured while put his hand to his face.




"Why?", (Your name) asked.

"No, nothing. Forget it", said Karma.

"Well... I don't really care anyway", said (Yout name) with red face.

"Don't lie to yourself", Karma pat (Your name)'s head.

"Ugh... shut up!", (Your name) slap Karma's hand.

"Ja, let's go get some food", said Karma while stand up.

"Where are we going actually? You said before to get some fresh air and now you want to eat?!", said (Your name) with angry voice.

"Well... I said that a while ago", Karma grinning.

"A-alright, let's go-- AH!", suddenly, (Your name) slipped.


#Your P.O.V

"Hhh... you always like this, be more careful next time", Karma's face so close with me while he catch me.

"*Blush* N-no, I'm okay ahahaha", I immediately push him over but suddenly, he resist my hand.

"(Your name)-san...", Karma stare at me with a geze that confuse me. His eyes look so weak, not like usually. I just widen my eyes because I'm surprised.

His face is so close with me. No, I don't want to kissed by him again! I'm not someone the he likes! Please, stop this... Karma-kun...


"H-huh?!", I'm shock while widen my eyes. I don't know, my hands is move by their own, It's right I wna... I want to slap him, but I'm not mean it.

"Heh, sorry", said Karma with bitter smile while his eyes cover with his hair.

"N-no.. Karma-kun... I--".

"I just want to make you calm. It feels like you're so jealous of me since I told you that you're not my first kiss", Karma stared at me with sharp eyes.

I just surprised and can't shout out a word. Then I looked down to cover my confuseness.

"Are you in love with me?", asked Karma.

#Author P.O.V

(Your name) rise up her head and look at Karma.

" N-no... Sure it's not! It's just disgusting if you kiss me when you not even like me..", (Your name)'s face become red.

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