I'm Sorry *Chapter 11*

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A/N : Yoooo minna~~ I have decided that I'll continue this fanfic!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Well sometimes I think like this "Wtf am I writing? It becomes so far with the real story about Assassination Classroom especially for Kuroko no Basket -_-". Yeah it's just fanfic, I think it's okay ('-﹏-';)


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His voice was shaking... He's going to cry, think (Nickname).

(Nickname) felt some water fall to her hair. It was Karma's tears. His trembling body can be felt by (Nickname) who had been hugged more tight by Karma.

On the other side...

"He must be already tought her about that accident", Akashi mumbling.




"Eh, wait. You were moving after we go to Amusement Park, right?", I asked.

"Yeah, right", said Karma wiping his tears.

"So why did you say that you were moving because of Akashi-senpai?", I confused.

"Are you stupid or what? Did you forgot that I invited you to go to Amusement Park for your recovery from the accident?", Karma pinch my cheek.

"Ouch! Oh... really? I forgot about that", I rub my cheek.

"Whatever... Okay, I think it's time for me to go home", said Karma.

"Yeah, hurry up and go", I just turn back and walking away from Karma.

"Gimme farewell kiss~", tease Karma.

"Like hell I want!", I shout a bit.

"Then I'll do it myself", suddenly Karma pull my hand and kiss my cheek.

"He-eh!!", I immediately walk away and rubbing my cheek hard.

"Bye~", Karma ran and go out.

"KARMA YOU'RE STUPID!!!", I shout with red face.

"Nurufufufufu... I think both of you was suitable~", suddenly I heard a familiar voice.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOIN' HERE?!", I throw all of the things in front of me to Koro-sensei.

"I just gathering some info~", Koro-sensei face was turned into green stripe.

"You're not gathering it! It's just your hobby for stalking your student right?!", I said.

"(Last Name)-san, it's good for you to be couple with Karma-kun, but don't get affect for your study okay?", Koro-sensei immediately run as fast as he can.

"You two! Just see soon!!", I mumbling with anger.

I think I must get some sleep again today. All of these things make my head turn.


#Author P.O.V

"Oh, right... It will be final exam soon. I must prepare myself", Karma mumbling himself.

"That's right, Karma-kun!! You must study harder and don't get distracted by (Lastname)-san!", suddenly Koro-sensei appeared from behind.

"So, you know about my confession?", said Karma.

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