She's Not Yours *Chapter 9*

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He isn't here anymore.

"Huh, what just I have done right now? Hope he's still here give this-- H-Huhhh??? Where's the umbrella??", suddenly I lost it from my hand.


"You always like this, idiot", said someone behind me who put my umbrella on my head.




"K-Karma-kun...", I turned my head and saw Karma behind me.

"Why are you here in this heavy rain? You'll catch a cold", said Karma.

"Th-That's...", I whispered.

"What? I can't hear you if your voice that low--".

"That's not the point now, okay?!", suddenly I grabbed Karma's collar. Anger filled my self and I don't know why.

"Wh-What do you mean?", Karma seem confused.

I back to my sense again and release his collar.

#Karma P.O.V

"No... Forget it. I just... spacing out and... surprised... yeah, something like that maybe?", she's mumbling by herself.

"You're weird after what happened today, (Your nickname)-chan", I said.

"I'm not weird!-- No, it's not that. Um.. I mean, you must not here too in this heavy rain! I will let you in to my house again this time because there isn't any place for us to shelter from the rain, right?", I explained him.

What the hell is she saying just now???, I thought in my mind.

"Haha..", suddenly I let out some of my laughter.

"Wh...", she looks confused because I laughed.

"Okay, okay... Whatever you're say, (Nickname)-chan~", I teased her.

"Th-Then... Shall we go?", she said it with red face.

"Okay~ Ah, right... If you want, we can take a bath together like we were children?--".

"Hell if I want!", she punched my face.

Punch me as many as you like but I won't let you go from my side. Even if you go somewhere that I don't know, I'll got you sooner or later. Because everytime you walk, I'll always looking at you close or far.

In (Nickname)'s house...

"Karma~ I'll leave your clothes in my parent's room, 'kay?", (Frontname) shouted while I still take a bath.

"Yeah! Thanks!", I said. 

Some minutes later, I finished my bath. And then I go to (Frontname)'s parent's room. I saw one pair clothes on the bed.

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