Ending *Chapter 12*

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#Your P.O.V

There are so much things happened in this one year of my 12th grade. Karma and Nagisa fought about killing or save Koro-sensei. I don't know what to choose, so I went to neutral team with Ritsu. And so, Nagisa won the fight.

It's not like I didn't support Karma, I just don't want to fight because of this. Nagisa is the closest classmate of me beside Karma. So I decide to choose the neutral team. The chance of Koro-sensei to explode is 1% though, so we have no worries.

After that, other trouble coming again. Koro-sensei is targetted seriously by the government. We decided to save him, although it's tough to pass the security and bodyguard. The other living like Koro-sensei attacked us too, but Koro-sensei managed to defeat its.

In the end, we have to kill him. This is the duty that we must fulfil. Nagisa is the one who do the executions. And before Koro-sensei's death, he said like this to me and Karma....

"(s/n)-san... Karma-kun..." he said with low voice.

"Yes..." we said.

"I hope both of you find happiness..." and like that, he faded away.

Thank you, Koro-sensei...

7 years later...

I become (your ambition) now. Although it's hard, but I'm sure I can do it. Karma is working hard too. He really become a reliable man. As my partner of life.

"Hey honey, want to eat somewhere? I just got a promotion from my work, we must celebrate it," Karma said while we were watching tv together.

"Oh, really? We don't have to go out, I will make so much foods. We just have to but meat and groceries," I said.

"Instead of make food, why don't we *beep*?" Karma said with his grin.

"Throw away that dirty things! Damn you," I throw a sofa pillow to his face.

"Eeh... So you're being a tsun tsun, huh? Take this!" suddenly Karma jump to me.

"Wha?! Go away! Bakabane!!" I smacking Karma's shoulders.

"I'll make sure you're always remember me."





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