Trapped in This Date 2 *Chapter 4*

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A/N : Konnichiwaaa~! Minna-san and the readers, I want to make this chapter longer than other chapter~ It's because soon my schedule reaaaally.... tight :(

It's about a weeks maybe I can't touch my laptop to write next chapter. There's school events that I'm the leader, so I won't have a chance to write the next chapter. I hope you enjoy this chapter :v

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Oh, I remember now... I hate this place because when I in elementary school, Karma bring me to this place before. So, he remember and bring me to this place huh?





No, no, I don't want to enter this place... I have a trauma with this place because of that time..


When I and Karma were in elementary school, we go to the zoo and Karma yelled want to enter the Haunted House.

"Nee~ (First name)-chan... I want to enter Haunted House... Please..", said Karma yelling

"No! My mom will be worry about us if we not hurry go home!", I said.

"It's just a moment, not forever.. Don't be a coward~", Karma tease me.

"Hey! I'm not a coward! Let's go in!", I pulled Karma's hand and enter the Hunted House.

Now, we just Karma and I who in the Haunted House. The air is moist, and fragrances corpse nostrils.


Suddenly, a terrifying shout scared me and Karma.

"Wh-what is that?", said Karma whisper.

"I want to go out from this place...", I said.

"We can't go back, we already a half way", said Karma.

"Roooaaarrrrrr!!!!", suddenly a scary ghost shock me. It has falls eye balls, torn mouth with many bloods, the brain is get out from the head, and the most that scary me is......... it doesn't have a foot.

"Kyaaaaa!", I shout with a tears.

'*sound of falling*'.

I fainted and I don't what happen next. But I wake up in my bedroom.

*Flashback off*

"No! I won't never enter this place again!", I try to run but Karma hold my hand really hard.

"Oh my...c'mon... are you still trauma with that time? you're not a kid anymore", said Karma.

"You're the one who make me have a trauma!", I said.

"Oh, do you forget it?", asked Karma.

"Forget what?", I turn the ask with confused face.

"Our promise about this date. Have I told you.....", Karma hang up his words.

I just quiet.

"If you run from this date, I will do something bad to you", said Karma with a scary smile.

"H-he???", I just can scared with him. "O-okay, let's go in...".

"Good girl~", said Karma with a smirk.

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