All the Truth from You *Chapter 7*

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#Warning : A LOT OF TYPOS




What should I do?? I don't know what yo do if there's a brothers quarrel. I'd never thought this will happen.

When Karma, Akashi-senpai, and I were child, we play together and never get andry each other. But what happened after that? Why suddenly Karma really hate Akashi-senpai?? Many question fill my head.




"Actually, what do you want?!", shout Karma.

"Woo... I don't want many things, I just want...", Akashi-senpai cut his words and look at me.

"Her", Akashi-senpai pointed on me.

"H-huh? What do you mean?", I said.

"Do you think I'm stupid?! She's not just one thing, she's everything, and I'll never give her to anyone", said Karma while hold my hand.

"Ih, you already get mature huh? Let's see if you can hold it", said Akashi-senpai while close his eyes for a while and then open it.

Wh-what is that?! Why does Akashi-senpai's left eye change with gold eye?? I think in my mind.

"Guh, you always do that. Emperor Eyes..", Karma murmured.

"Emperor eyes? What is that, Karma?", I asked him.

"I'll explain it later", said Karma.

"Well, see you later... my brother", Akashi-senpai leave Karma and out from Karma's house.

"Geez...", Karma growling.

"So, Karma. What just happened while you go that time?", I pull Karma's hand to sit on the sofa.

"It's a long story. I moved out because of him, Akashi. My parents divorced because my dad get affair, I lifed with my mom. And then my mom get married with Akashi's dad. Since that......".

"Akashi's father so cruel to my mom. He makes my mom look like his house assistant. Actually, I just lifed with my mom right now. My mom get scared if I get bad treatment from Akashi. But that's true, he makes me do all what he wants", explain Karma.

#Karma P.O.V

Ugh... why do I talk about this to her?? It's more look like I'm so suffer.

"Wait, wait... You're a guy who always tease someone, but how can you just do what Akashi-senpai wants??", (Your name) asked.

"That's because.....", I hang up my words.

"Akashi-senpai threaten me. He'll make you suffer too", I said.

"Huh?? How can he makes me suffer? And why me?", she asked so many question. Maybe I made her confused.

"No, don't thinking about it anymore. I can't explain it for now", I placed my hands on my face.

"Um yeah.. it's okay, I don't want to make you remember it again", she said.

After that, we both become silent for a while. I try to think wht should we talk about.

"Ano...", (Your name) and I speak at the same time.

"Umm... you first", I said.

"Well.... do you want to get some fresh air in the park?", she asked.


'Creak... creak... creak...', sound of swing that (Your name) and I sit.

"Karma-kun..", (Your name) call my name.

"Hm?", I answer.

"Who's your first kiss?", suddenly, she asked that.

"Ehh?? Why so sudden? Are you still curious after I said it in the amusement park~?", I said with teasing face.

"N-no! I-I just asking, that's not mean I curious about it!", she overacting.

"Well... are you sure you don't remember it?", I asked.

#Author P.O.V

"Remember what?", (Your name) confused.

"That night, before we go to the amusement park. When I sneaked in to your house, you wake up and then...... (if you know what he's mean)", Karma hang up his words.

"Wh-what do you mean? Th-that's not true right? You're lying! I'm sure I already fell asleep in the night before we go to amusement park. That.... that....", (Your name) surprised and don't know what to say.

Karma just look at (Your name) with broong face. He seems serious.

"K-Karma....", (Your name) seems sad too.

Silence enveloped they both. Don't know what to say anymore.

"Puh...", Karma make a sound.

(Your name) just confused.

"PUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!", and suddenly, Karma loud laughing.

"N-nande?", (Your name) still confused.

"Are you someone who easily get lied? Of course that's not true, bak--".

'BUAGH!!', Karma got a big punch from (Your name) and falling down to the land.

"Y-you.... bast*rd!! (ʘдʘ╬)", shout (Your name) with full of red face.

"Sorry.. sorry... I don't want we become awkward after some occurrence in my house", said Karma while touch his face that got punch.

"So, tell me the truth!", said (Your name) rightfully.

"Well, well... Are you sure you don't remem--".

'CRACK!', now (Your name) kick Karma's foot harshly.

"Don't say that again...", said (Your name) with scary voice.

"Heyyy listen to me first! Now I'm serious!", said Karma.

"Whatever. Remember what?", (Your name) asked.

"When we were in elementary school, we always play together right?", Karma asked.

"Yeah, so?".

"Do you remember when our friends in the class playing in river beside our school? That's when my first kiss happen, you know... with a girl I know, who always play with me, my first friend, and everything for me", Karma look at (Your name).

(Your name) just blanking with surprised face. She become silents and the face of wondering is appear on her face.

"Who's that?", (Your name) asked with innocent face.

"Is this girl that stupid?!", Karma murmured.

To be continue....

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