The Promise (Karma x Reader) *Chapter 2*

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A/N : Hello, readers~ sorry for late to update this part... And, I want to tell you something that I forgot. If you feel this story is weird, I'm so sorry... English is not my language, so please forgive me if there were any weird words.. But, If you enjoy my story, I'm sooo thankful (・∀・)





I look into his eyes, and he looks into my eyes too. Our both eyes met. This is my first time get an eye contact with him.

And I just realive how deep his eyes is.

This always make me confuse. Not because why am I so careless, It's because Karma-kun. So many boys liked me and I hate them, I hate boys. But, Karma-kun is different. Although he don't like me and always tease me. I just feel..... that Karma-kun is different.

"Nee~ don't stare to much...", Karma make me surprised and stand up from his arm.

Huh... he tease me again. I'm wrong thinking that he's different.

"Don't get the wrong idea about I said that because I want to tease you okay? I said that because that octopus look at us so long", Karma pointed to Koro-sensei who is hiding behind the window while writing on his "Issues Note".

"DON'T YOU DARE ALWAYS STALKING YOUR STUDENTS!!! YOU DAMN OCTOPUS!!", I shot him with material gun anti-sensei. Seriously, he dodged it.

"Nurufufufu~ I followed you while talking with Karma-kun, don't you hear anything?", said Koro-sensei.

"Of course I didn't hear anything, I must focus while bring these books. Or I will fall like that again", I said while take the books. "You told me to bring these books to the class,Koro-sensei. Please don't disturb me".

"Alright~ I'll wait for you in a minute, I'll go to Italy to buy some snacks", said Koro-sensei and flew away.

"What?! A minute? I can't bring these many books within a minute..", I'm yelling. "He can buy some snacks in a nearby market, why should go to Italy?".

But then, there's still someone in front of me. Karma-kun is still here.

"Need some help?", Karma grinned.

"Hhh... why did thing like this always happen to me??", I cover my face with my hands.

"Just give me half of these books, a girl must not bring heavy things, you know", said Karma while take some book to his arm.

"Whatever, but we must hurry. It's just a minute, remember?", I said.

"Hai', hai'~", said Karma.

On the way to the classroom, Karma and I just keep silent. This is awkward.

"Ano... Karma-kun...", I call him.

"What?", said Karma while look at me.

"U-um... Th--".

"Oh, we arrived", Karma cutted my words.

"Hhh...", I just sighed. I'll say thanks to him when we two already on our chair soon.

#Author P.O.V

You and Karma put the books on Koro-sensei's table.

"What the hell is this? He told me to bring these books in a minute but he is not here yet?", You're growling.

"Go to Italia is not so easy, (y/n)-san~ He'll get some "gift" from Japan's Soldier first", said Karma.

"I know it's not a gift...", You said.

"Hahaha... let's go to our chair first..", Karma walk to his chair.

"You're right", and then you follow him behind.

When you and Karma has already on the chair, the situation between you two become awkward.

Uh... I can't look at her face again... Maybe just now, my face have been red..., Karma looks away from you while covering his blushed face by his right hand.

After he caught me at that time, I can't look at his face... I never get an eye contact from a boy..., You do the same as Karma, but you cover your face with left hand.

"Karma-kun", You called Karma.

"Hm?", Karma look at you and try to hide his blush.

"Ano... Th-thank you.... for your help...", You said it with a low voice until just you who can hear.

"What did you say? I can't hear you..", Karma confused.

"I said thank you!", You said it with normal voice now, but fast.

Then, Karma's face became naughty face and smirked. You surprised and look away from Karma.

"Aaa~ Sokka...", said Karma.

"I-It's not like I want you to accept my gratitude", Your face become red.

"He~? I haven't said that I accepted your gratitude. It's not enough to say thanks just by words "thank you"", said Karma.

"What do you mean?", you asking.

"You must date with me, and I will accept your gratitude", said Karma.

"Oh..", You still haven't noticed what Karma just have said.





"WHAT?!!", you shouted so loud and stand up until all students look at you.

"Gomenasai...", you said it with a slight bow to all students and the situation turn to normal again. So, you're sitting again on your chair.

"Are you crazy? You just help me to bring half books, but you want me to date with you?? You're not even my boyfriend!", you said to Karma with whisper.

"Ne, ne, you forgot it? I caught you when you're going to fall, right? And... did someone must become a couple first just for a date?", said Karma with relaxed face.


"Konnichiwa, minna-san~ sorry for coming late... Japan's Soldier give me a misil, so I must think hard where must I place it (What is this? T.T)", said Koro-sensei who cut your words.

"Hhh... Alright, you win. Tell me where and when we'll meet", you just placed your forehead to your hand.

"Good girl~ We will meet in front of Amusement Park on Sunday at 8 AM, I got two free tickets so I will pay you in Amusement Park. Promise?", said Karma while show me two tickets to go to the Amusement Park.

"Hhh... whatever", you said while take out a notebook.

Karma just smirked and take out the notebook too.

(y/n)-san, you've just make a promise with me. You can't run again, thought Karma while looking at you who just focus to the blackboard.

To be continued...

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