Trapped in This Date *Chapter 3*

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(Last name)-san, you already make a promise with me. You can't run again, think Karma while look at you who just focus to the blackboard.




#Author P.O.V

After school...

"(Last name)-san", Karma call you from behind while you walk to go down from the hill.

"What's the matter? Is it not enough for you to tease me all these day?", you said with tired face.

"You really want I tease you all these day huh~?", Karma grinned.

"Shut up!!", you try to kick Karma's face but sadly, he's dodge.

"Hahaha don't try to hurt me--".

'Bang!', you punch Karma's stomach.

"Huh!", you continue your walk.

"Ouch, ouch, my stomach", Karma sit on the ground and get his head down while touch his stomach.

"You deserve it!", you stop for a while.

"Y-you just d-don't know... I-I have a appendix... last stadium", said Karma with posistion that not change.

"EHHH???", you turn back and run to Karma.

"Ugh..", Karma grimacing in pain.

"I-I'm sorry...", you sit down and touch Karma's shoulder.

"Y-you must pay it...", said Karma.

"I must pay for your surgery???", you shocked.

"N-no, pay like this...".

Suddenly, Karma push you down so fast with your both arm is trapped by his hand.

"H-hey! You lie! Get off from me!", you surprised with angry face.

"No, I don't lie. It's really hurt you know", said Karma with sharp eyes.

"It's just hurt! Not an appendix!", you said.

"You want me to replay your punch or do other stuff?", said Karma with whisper voice.

"E-eh? T-that's--".

Suddenly, Karma bring his face beside your head.

"Wh-what are you...", your words is cut by Karma again.

"Sshushh...", Karma whispered.

You close your eyes with scare face. Then...

"You must come to this date. If you don't come, I'll really do something bad to you", said Karma with low voice beside your ear.

Then, Karma get off from you and stand up. Your face is red and you look away to cover your face.

"Do you think something dirty? I don't know you're pervert", Karma grinned.

"Haiyyaa!!", you swing your bag to Karma.

"Hey! Hey!", Karma shocked.

You run away from Karma and not turn back even a little.

"You really a glace girl, (first name)-chan", Karma murmured.

Date time....

#Your P.O.V


'Clack!', I turn off my alarm clock.

"Unnhh... this day there's date right?", I said with lazy voice. "It's still 7.30 AM, I still have time to sleep again".

"Nee~ If you don't come to this date, I'll do something bad to you".

Suddenly, I hear Karma's voice. I look at the window, It's still closed.

"That's just my imagination. It's impossible he can get into my house, I already close all doors and windows", I close my eyes again.

"Of course I can get in. You make your house key falls yesterday~".

I open my eyes so fast with widen eyes. And I turn my back to my study table.

"Ohayou, sleepy head~", said Karma who sit on my chair of study table.

"Why do you can get in??", I said with surprised face.

'Jingle', Karma show me my house key. Of course, yesterday I bring my house duplicated key.

"Oh my.. Why am I so careless?", I put my both hands to my face. "You already say you will wait

"You already make a promise. You must keep it", Karma grinned.

"Alright, alright... Go out and go down! I want to take a bath and prepare!", I push Karma out from my room and close the door.

"Hhh...", I sighed.

15 minutes later....

#Karma P.O.V

"She take the time too long", I murmured.

"Karma-kun, sorry make you wait", then (fist name) come to me who wait in living room.

She wear a square-patterned red dress and bring a small bag black colour. She tie her hair with pigtail model down.

"Don't stare me like that! Pervert", she swing her small bag to my face. Of course I dodge it.

"I just think you really different if you wear that clothes. You kinda......... girly?", I grinned.

"E-eh? Eto... Just go now! We'll not be able to play all games in amusement park", she walk to the door. I look at her red face for a while. Cute.

In the Amusement Park...

"Uwaaahhhh~~ Sugoi, sugoi~~ I never go to amusement park like this before", said (first name) with happy face. Is she that glace?

But then she look at me.

"I-I just a half amazed, okay? It doesn't mean I really like this place. This place is not too amazing you know", her happy expression change with "don't care" expression. Well, I know she's tsundere since we were elementary school.

"Hai', hai', tsundere-chan~", I smirked to her.

"So, what is the first games we must play?", she asked.

"C'mon, I'll show you an exciting game", I pull her hand while a little run.

#Your P.O.V

Ehhhh???? he pulls my hands. His hand is warm. He don't pull my hand too hard, this feels like....... The naughty Karma isn't here. He just like other people that not Karma. I don't know he has this side.

"We're arrived", said Karma while stop run.

"This is.......", I don't belive it. He bring me to the place that I hate. If I say I don't like it, that's wrong! I hate this place.

Oh, I remember now... I hate this place because when I in elementary school, Karma bring me to this place too. So, he remember and bring me to this place huh?

To be Continue...




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