Rival Time *Chapter 6*

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A/N : Alright!! I'm back, minna-san~~!! ( の •̀ ∀-)و

I want to make a rival this time, and you're all know who is he right?? ( ̄∀ ̄) Yess he's the emperor eyes from Kuroko no Basuke..... SEIJURO AKASHI!! (≡^∇^≡)

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What's that? What's that dream? Is that mean he will back? My onii-san.....

Seijuro Akashi




#Your P.O.V

In the morning...

"Huahhhhh... it's a good sleep", I said. "Is Karma still not wake yet?".

I see Karma who sleep on the mat that I give for his bed last night. I'm sure he really tired yesterday until delirious like that time.

"Karma-kun... arigatou", I said while smiling to him who still sleep.

"You don't have to give me thanks, (last name)-san", suddenly Karma answer my words.

"Y-you already awake?!"

"2 hours ago", said Karma while still close his eyes.

"Is that because a dream again?", I asked.

"Maybe...", said Karma. "Oh, (Last name)-san".


"If there's someone like you and he's a yandere (A/N : I can't describe it, too hard :'v you can search it on google), what do you think?".

"What are you talking about? Why so suddenly?", I asked him back.

"No, I just questioning. Just a wonder", said Karma.

"Hmm... I think it's okay".

"What?!", suddenly, Karma get up and stared at me. I'm so shocked.

"Why are you so shocked? You make me surprised", I said while touch my chest.

"N-no, nothing", he's calm down again.

"But.... I'm still bot finish my words".

Karma look at me with straight face and full of wonder.

"I think it's okay, but I don't like someone who over protective like a yandere. They would kill someone just for me and I don't like that", I said.

"Ja, Do I have a chance to *whispered*?", maybe Karma murmured to me but I can't hear him.

"What do you say?", I asked.

"Nothing. Let's have a breakfast", Karma stand and go out from my room.


#Author P.O.V

That was so close!!! It's must be a confession if she heard it!! Karma sit down while hold his head so hard.

"Karma-kun, you're still here?", suddenly, (Your name) get out from her room.

"Oh, I want to wait you. I don't know where's the kitchen", said Karma.

"Are you an idiot? Let's go, follow me", said (Your name) leave Karma behind.

"You're the idiot, of course I don't know the kitchen. This is my first time stay in your house", said Karma.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever...", (Your name) murmured but Karma can still hear her voice.

After Karma and (Your name) have a breakfast, (Your name) bring Karma to his house.

"Hey, do you want to enter my house for a while?", asked Karma.

"No, It's not a necessary", said (Your name).

"Aww... c'mon. I'll give you food", said Karma try to appeal me.

"Huh! Do you think I'll enter your hpuse just because foods?", said (Your name) while look away and cross her arm.

In Karma's house...

"Excuse me...", and finally, (Your name) enter Karma's house. "Karma, do you life alone?".

#Your P.O.V

"Don't I tell you before? My parents is go out of city for 2 days and my--", suddenly, Karma's words are cut because maybe there's something make him shock.

"...brother...", he continues his words.

"Brother? What do you mean?", I asked.

"Oh... long time no see, Karma-kun", said someone in front of Karma.

"Who's that?", I stand up so I can see that person.

"This my brother-- no, my "brother"...", said Karma.

"Seijuro Akashi", said that person who named Akashi. But I think I ever meet him somewhere. "You don't remember me, (First name)-chan?".

I think I know him! "A-Akashi-senpai!".

"Yeah it's me~", said Akashi-senpai.

"Whaa... long time no see, you're getting higher than our last meet", I said.

"Haha... you're getting prettier too", praise Akashi-senpai.

"Wo, wo, wo... stop right there", suddenly, Karma block me and Akashi-senpai.

"What are you doing, Karma-kun?!", I angry at him.

"Yeah, don't you see we're two are get a reunion?", asked Akashi-senpai.

"Hey, Akashi!", shout Karma.

"It's not impolite said your brother's name just like that!", Akashi-senpai is mad at Karma too.

"I don't care! But, don't touch my GIRLFRIEND!", shout Karma again.

"K-Karma... what are you--".

"You just my step brother and I don't like a person like you! You're not deserve to be my brother, Akashi!", shout Karma louder.

"What's the matter with you?? When our first meet you not like this, but why are you now so cruel about me??", Akashi-senpai is angry too.

"You don't understand! You just forget what are you doing to my important person!", Karma reply it.

"Huh! Important person? You even never have any girlfriend before. Even after I hear what you say about (Last name)-san is your girlfriend, I'm still not belive it", explain Akashi-senpai.

"Guhh...", Karma is growling.

What should I do?? I don't know what yo do if there's a brothers quarrel. I'd never thought this will happen.

When Karma, Akashi-senpai, and I were child, we play together and never get andry each other. But what happened after that? Why suddenly Karma really hate Akashi-senpai?? Many question filled my head.

To be continue...

A/N : I... I can't believe it!! I write a crossover ♪v(⌒o⌒)v♪

Yeah... even if it's so weird... ._.

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