Past Time *Chapter 10*

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"But, Seijuro Akashi! I'll tell you about this! Now and forever... I won't let her be yours! She's not yours and that won't happen!", Karma looks so confident.

I surprised he said that. How big does his love for me? He has been suffering for a long time even when we were in elementary school. What should I do? Should I stop Karma or Akashi-senpai?




"You two! Please stop it!", I shouted.

Both of them suddenly become quiet and stare at me.

"Why are you stop me? Let me beat him once and I'll stop", said Karma with glaring at Akashi-senpai,

"You want to beat me? Here! Here!", Akashi-senpai pointing his cheek.

"I said stop! I told you!", I shouted.

Ugh.. this is annoying. Why are the two of them so hate each other? I know Karma said that Akashi-senpai like to see someone suffering, but why Akashi-senpai like being like that??

"Akashi-senpai, please... It's my house. Don't make a fuss! That will disturbing the neighbor and I'm the one who must take the responsibility", I explained so Akashi-senpai might be understand.

Akashi-senpai get speechless. And sighed.

"'Kay, whatever you want. I'll go now but NO for next time!", said Akashi-senpai and he go outside.

'BLAM!', Akashi-senpai close the door.

"Huft... It's so tiring for 2 days long I head this thing again", I mumbling.

"Sorry for intruding in your house... I made so much trouble for you all this time", said Karma with a sad face.

"I think it's okay, but you must get along with Akashi-senpai! Even though he's cruel to you, just try to make him tame(?)!", I said.

"Tame? You want me to make that devil tame? Just try it and you'll die soon", said Karma with angry.

"Yeah, I think I know what you mean...", I sweatdropping.

We both become quiet for awhile.

"Karma, can you tell me how is yout past with Akashi-senpai?", I asked hoping that I'll know something about them.

"The story was too long", he said.

"Make it short".

#Karma P.O.V

"Okay, whatever. That time...", I started to tell my past.


"Karma-kun, now you will live with Akashi-kun. He's 1 year older than you so he's your older brother. Please be nice of him, okay?", said my mom.

"I don't like him", I said.

"Hush... Don't be like that. Akashi-kun was a nice person, I'm sure you will get along with him after this", said my mom.

I just keep silent and accept what my mom tought. And what have been she said was not true. Akashi not a nice person. He killed all of my pets, throwed all of my things that given by my mom, and treat me like a pet.

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