Other Side of You *Chapter 5*

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A/N : Konnichiwa, minna-san~~~ I'm back with my weird fanfiction 〒▽〒

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Alright, without any words again......



"It's my second kiss, after that time", Karma grinned.

"Huh?", he already had a kiss?? With who??




"With who?", I asked.

"Ohoho... are you jealous~?", Karma teased me

"N-no! I asked that question not mean I jealous, baka!", I said.

"Tsundere mode on~", teased Karma again.

"Sh-shut up! Let's go!", I leave Karma behind.

#Author P.O.V

I'm not jealous, I'm not jealous!!, you said in your mind

Then, you and Karma go to another games.

06.00 PM....

"Hhh... today is really a good day right~?", said Karma.

"It's the worst day ever", you said

"Nee~ are you disappointed because I don't "use" my tongue?", teased Karma.

"N-no!! Of course not!! It's become more worst if you do that!!", you reject it.

"Ah, sokka~", Karma still teased you.

"J-just walk faster, I want to go home", you leave Karma behind with a fast walk.

"No, just walk slower. You can fa--".

'BANG!',you fall down because

"Ouch, my feet...", you grimace.

"See? You're fall down before I say it. Don't get nervous if you beside me, okay? I won't bite you or anything", said Karma kneeing beside you who falling down and turn back. "Ja, get on to my back".

"Sh-shut up! I don't need your help, and I'd never get nervous if I beside you. I just don't want to be with you", you said.

"Just-Get-On!", firm Karma and lift you to his back and stand up.

"He-eh??!!? Let me go!! Karma!", you beat Karma's back and keep struggling to get free.

"No, I'll carry you until your room. It's dangerous if you climbing up the stairs with swelling feet", said Karma.

"Huh.. But, it's not mean I'm okay with it. Just for this time, okay? I don't want to be with you so long", you seeks patience.

#Karma's P.O.V

"But, I always want to be your side...", I whispered.

"You say something?", (Front name) asking.

"No, I just say you're so ugly today", I said.

"Let me go!!".

"No, no, just kidding~ You're too serious with it".


at (Front name)'s house...

"Alright, we arrived. Give me the key, I'll open the gate and the door", I said.

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